EverySignal App Sends Daily Alerts with Friends Updates

Given the number of social networks available, the number of friends on each of them, and the fact that you have to also work, not spend all day on social media, it is sometimes hard to keep up with news from friends. Newly launched EverySignal sends you daily alerts about interesting things happening in your friends’ lives, thus enabling you to get rid of embarrassing moments and replicas like “But I posted on Facebook/Twitter”.

“Social networks are your window into the web as a whole and the window into your world. The problem is that there is data overload,” said Derek Merrill, CEO and co-founder of EverySignal.

According to the logos presented on the official website, the app lets you connect with social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. However, the article on Mashable only mentions that the app provides alerts with information from connections on LinkedIn and Facebook.

The idea however is simple: using this app, you’ll no longer miss an important update from your friends. Of course, if you indeed check all the updates, each day. It is some sort of an update curator as it provides the most important information on a daily basis. The app is free, and you can connect using your existing Facebook account.

Once logged in, you select the categories (called “events” by EverySignal) that interest you and you’ll receive tailored email alerts. You can create your own custom filters by keyword or phrase for daily notifications and you can also search your social feeds instantly using keywords and phrases. New features will probably be added in time as the app will get feedback from users and be developed accordingly.

It is an interesting idea and receiving alerts only on some important topics is a good option. Users should however be able to choose the people they want to receive notifications about, in order to have email alerts only on friends and not thousands and thousands of contacts (impossible to follow on different aspects everyday). But being able to receive email alerts with relevant updates from significant people in your life could indeed be a good and useful thing.

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