Moxie Software Launches Chat Service that Engages Fans through Facebook Pages

Moxie Software, Inc. announced today the release of the Engage+ App, a social chat application for customer sales and service that leverages Facebook’s API. This app is available with Chat Spaces™ and enables companies to have engaging discussions with fans and, based on their profile, to deliver personalized offers and better interaction experiences.

Engage+ evaluates profile information consumers share (like name, gender and analytically calculated advocacy rank) and allows companies to make tailored offers based on this data. Moreover, once a fan accepts the chat invitation, other types of information are made available, such as age, friend count, interests, likes and any related competitor activity, enabling brands to furthermore personalize their offers and have a richer interaction by offering knowledgeable support. Using this software, brands could create a personalized shopping experience directly on Facebook for each fan thus transforming fans into customers and, implicitly, generating revenue.

“Social commerce requires brands to use new technologies that meet the expectations of socially-connected consumers,” said Tom Kelly, president and CEO of Moxie Software. “With our new social chat application, brands will have access to a consumer’s rich brand profile enhancing their ability to tailor services and offerings, and ultimately drive revenue. Our Engage+ App makes Moxie’s Chat Spaces the most powerful application in the market, building on our promise of using social technologies to bring companies closer to their customers.”

Moxie’s Chat Spaces with the Engage+ App is immediately available here, where you can also find additional details.

There were rumours a while ago about Facebook enabling fan pages managers to chat directly with fans, when they contacted them. This app goes beyond simple chat functions to integrating data analysis about customer, thus providing brands with relevant information when creating offers.

There are however some things to consider. First of all, pages managers will have to be available all the time. In addition to that, in order to fully take advantage of the data provided by the app, either the social media manager will also become a marketing and sales representative as well, or teams will become necessary in order to succeed in creating personalized offers.

Also, users will understand that they have the power to negotiate and their expectations in matter of special offers will increase. Companies will also have to keep contacting fans at a rate that will not cross over to the spam zone. The app could be useful for companies with a medium number of fans – as I find it hard to believe that any company will hire a department to chat constantly with minimum 10 fans at the same time.

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