Facebook Strategies to Get “Likes” that Make You Look Like an Idiot

There are still too many businesses on Facebook that don’t know how to use this valuable social network, and tend to complain that Facebook marketing doesn’t justify the ROI. The number of personal pages used as a business page is overwhelming – I am sure you have several in your network, or find some while you browse every day. And although Facebook warned to disable personal profiles made for companies, groups or pets, most of them still linger around, like bad weeds.

Annoying as they are, personal pages used as business pages are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more businesses do for “likes” – and here are some of the most annoying strategies you will encounter, on daily basis.

Like if…

Like if you agree type of statuses are borderline ridiculous, annoying, and dull. Some of them push it far enough to make you wonder “what were they thinking?” The following example speaks for itself.

like if you agree

Pictures of famous quotes

Either inspirational, or just for the sake of having something on your wall, pictures of famous quotes seem to be as popular as pictures of cats. The problem, however, is that everyone else is doing it. What’s the point, if they are not engaging conversation? And more importantly, can’t you find anything interesting to say without help from BrainyQuote? Many PR companies populate their walls with such quotations, which is an unprofessional practice, unless they are targeting school children. Your audiences are educated, treat them as such.

famous quotes

Post ridiculously useless updates to “engage”:

It’s hard to believe what people do out of boredom on Facebook, but when you see something like the following status update from a business, you kind of lose all hope:

om nom nom

Blocking content on your site, to get more Facebook likes

This is one of the most ridiculous, unprofessional practices in the book. It is effective in getting likes, but remember that not every site visitor is a Facebook user. If you lock your content like this, you will alienate a large segment of your readers. Surely, you can think of a more intelligent strategy to boost your Facebook numbers.

Sites that lock content for Facebook likes.

If you are aware of strategies to get Facebook likes that are more annoying than these, please share them with us in the comments.


  1. says

    Thank you for this posting, I am a new blogger looking at getting on facebook, have resisted it because … well just because. This is actually helpful information, and to me that is the core of how the future on the internet is going to be. If it is useful it will be successful and if not it will not. My time is valuable and to take time to like things that are stupid or vapid is an insult, and I wouldn’t want to “buy” anything from such.
    Like the site too!

  2. Kurt Selden says

    All good points. But as frustrating as this nonsense is for users, it might be the result of businesses being just as frustrated with trying to engage users on Facebook. Both businesses and users are focused on Likes. Both place value on the number: businesses because somehow they think that translates into customers and users because if everyone else is Like something then maybe I should too? Sure there’s a lot of consumer data potentially available on Facebook for businesses but maybe that data isn’t helping businesses because maybe Facebook still isn’t helping businesses find and attract the right customers.

  3. Mark Etingchap says

    Blimey! Proverbial nail on the head here, on every count. Many thanks for confirming that my instinct not to engage in this type of silliness is correct!

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