Facebook Users Getting Passive, Shifting to Mobile

What’s the use of having over a billion active users for a money oriented company, if you don’t know what these users are doing and on what types of devices? You already know that I’m referring to big social media network Facebook that needs to prove profitable and fast, and also to offer advertising options that will ensure businesses’ ads are viewed by target audiences.

As you probably already know, Facebook claims to have mind-blowing statistics for advertisers. Until these statistics appear, a new study shows that social media network’s users are getting more passive. They shifted to mobile devices, as the Macquarie Research study reveals. For this research, they surveyed a representative group of 559 aged 15to 25, and also interviewed 420 people in California specifically.

Researchers found out that 56% of the respondents access Facebook from a mobile device (that’s up from 24% a year ago), and predict this percentage will get to 70% next year.

People tend to be more passive on Facebook, the Macquarie study reveals, as they rather browse updates and photos of others instead of posting their own status updates. Interestingly enough, men respond more to other’s updates than women (33% to 28%), while women are more likely to share content than men (20% to 17%).

61% of the women surveyed say they log on Facebook via a mobile device, while only 51% of the men said the same thing. In this case too the percentages will only increase according to researchers, to 76% of women and 62% of men in 2013.

A quarter of the respondents stated they also used Instagram and in what other social media networks used by those people surveyed are concerned, the respondents mentioned Twitter (15%), followed by Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and Instagram.

So again a study that shows Facebook is THE thing now, the social network of the moment, a social network however that struggles to prove it is worthy of big advertisement budgets, and that will have to find the best ways to serve ads on mobile devices.

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