Fahlgren Mortine: Profile Of PR Firm

Fahlgren Mortine: Profile Of PR Firm

Fahlgren Mortine is a PR company that believes in the highly personalized nature of modern marketing and communications. This brand devotes itself to creating strong and genuine engagements for brands, by addressing the specific needs and interests of their target audience. The organization works with more than 100 clients across dozens of industries, though they do specialize in a few specific areas. Fahlgren Mortine believes that their diverse approach to communications and their vast experience has helped them to create solutions that entertain and education audiences for their customers. They’re dedicated to transforming skeptics into loyal customers.

Leadership and Clients:

Fahlgren Mortine has a reputation for success in many industries, however, some of their biggest successes are in the categories of Education, Healthcare, Tourism, and Technology. This company prides themselves on supporting brands from a range of different backgrounds. Over the years, they’ve developed strategies for everyone from Dayton Power and Light, to the Ohio Attorney General. Some of Fahlgren Mortine’s clients include the Crown Equipment Corporation, the Nova Southeastern University, and the Columbus Regional Airport Authority.

Perks and Problems:

As an employer, Fahlgren Mortine set themselves up as a hub for creativity and innovation. They offer competitive salaries as well as dental, health, and vision insurance. There’s also a 401k retirement savings plan in place and generous amounts of paid time away from the office. For employees, this companies offers plenty of chances to work with great clients, and there’s a fun atmosphere throughout the organization.

However, there aren’t many options to really show off your skills and gain merit. The company lacks any opportunities for continuous learning once someone is brought on board, and there’s not much diversity in the workforce either.


Fahlgren Mortine is an integrated marketing and communications industry known for their state of the art approach to media communications. Whether it’s creating brand communications or next-level campaigns, this company dedicates itself to forging fantastic reputations with clients and influencing policies. According to Fahlgren Mortine – this business sets itself apart because it cares about its people.

Some of the services that this brand offers to help support its PR customers include content marketing, corporate communications, broadcast production, advertising, digital brand strategy, collateral design and development, and more.

Getting a Job with Fahlgren Mortine:

Fahlgren Mortine is a company highly devoted to company culture. They believe in developing a fantastic experience for all employees – no matter what level they might enter the company at. This business focuses on developing strong collaborative experiences with healthy work-life balance so that they can attract and retain talented people.

Those interested in joining the team can find some of the available positions for the company listed on the brand job board. Alternatively, you can email a cover letter and resume to the company helpdesk.


Fahlgren Mortine has their own professional development program, and a series of philanthropy programs for employees to take part in. There are also frequent culture-centric celebrations too – such as kickball games, golf tournaments, and corn-on-the-cob eating contests.


  • Columbus
  • Boise
  • Charleston
  • Cleveland
  • Dayton
  • Denver
  • Miami
  • Myrtle Beach
  • New York City

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