Luxury Labels Gain Huge Exposure through Social Media at London Fashion Week

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Using various social networks, luxury labels managed to get huge exposure for their collections at famous event London Fashion Week that took place last weekend. Topshop, a retail clothing chain, gained the biggest exposure of all, with two million viewers that got online from more than 100 countries to see its latest collection on Sunday.

Through a partnership with Facebook, TopShop’s fans were exposed to images and live-stream content from the runway, thus reaching an estimated audience of 200 million people. The company went further and allowed consumers to instantly buy outfits presented on the catwalk. The first dress presented in the fashion show, along with other items, was sold before the presentation was over.

“People have been trying to figure out for some time, how do you make these ‘likes’ into something relevant, how does the social aspect mix with your brand, and I think we are going to be the first brand to unlock that, we’re going to be the case study… (to) commercialize that social audience,” declared  Justin Cooke, Topshop’s chief marketing officer.

Another example of success using social media networks comes from House of Holland which partnered with eBay. Designer Alice Temperley presented some of her recent Temperley London collections using “online runways”. She stated that site traffic was always boosted when using social networks like Pinterest and Instagram. “It’s just full-time work for a whole team of people, but it’s the way things are going,” Temperley added.

Social media can indeed bring huge visibility for brands, and there are some fields that really have a lot to gain by using such networks. Food, beverage, and fashion are definitely areas that can best leverage the power of online. This event only proves that a well done online communication strategy, included in the overall marketing and PR one, can indeed make a difference and insure success for brands implementing it.

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