Who are the Leading Florida PR Agencies?

Public Relations Florida Agencies

There are many great PR firms in Florida – some of which we have profiled, including Zimmerman Agency. Here are some more firms that are worth looking at for companies in need of a strong Florida PR firm:

JOTO Florida PR Firms

JOTO Public Relations

Karla Jo Helms founded JoTo PR with the intention of serving extended areas of PR including social media and other online outlets. JoTo PR seems an excellent approach for those seeking an integration between old-school and traditional PR – and keep an ever present need for ongoing public relations in a world that never sleeps.

This firm has combined their strategy to accommodate technology and the new mindset of evolving-generations X and Y. JoTo PR also takes a holistic path to their clients’ success and means to be held accountable for it. This firm feels, “. …a company is greater than the sum of its departments and divisions.”

Roar Media Public Relations Firm

Roar Media

Roar Media is a Miami-based firm that helps clients “Realize Business Goals.” You’ll find interesting strategies with Roar Media that include expertise in Instagram use and how marketing automation can enhance business revenue or productivity. Roar Media realizes PR firms recognize to help clients build their business. That’s admirable.

Among the firm’s clients, you’ll find Ralph Lauren, American Airlines, Del Monte and Home Depot. Roar’s mission is to, “…provide effective marketing-communications programs that help clients achieve their business goals.” Their philosophy is being accountable for their success and what they bring to their clients.

Newlink group Florida PR Firm

Newlink Group

Newlink is another great Floridian PR firm helping clients rethink their digital practices and approaches. The firm represents corporations, public figures, communities, governments, and multinational businesses alike. Newlink Group’s method of “no absolute truth” has helped the firm to create what they call “horizontal consulting.”

The strategy involves a new process in a generation run by speed, transparency and new, social awareness. The openness of the modern world leads Newlink to encourage their clients to create a more effective world at large.

Kreps DeMaria Florida Public Relations

Kreps DeMaria

Kreps DeMaria can be found in Miami, Florida, and is owned and managed by Israel Kreps and his partner Sissy DeMaria. The firm was established in 1988 with a national and international reach in PR. Kreps DeMaria is also adept at understanding the changes happening in technology and the media.

You’ll find practice areas for this agency to cover professional and corporate development, healthcare, art and culture; financial services and real estate development. The firm’s global affiliation is vast while they also have a large yet diverse group of clients.

Max Borges Agency

Max Borges Agency

Founder and CEO Max Borges started the agency in 2002, and they specialize in technology PR. He founded the firm using three simple ideas “work with great brands, hire smart people, do great work. We seek opportunities to help clients crush competitors, upset the status quo and make history.” Some of their clients include AT&T, MSI, Braven, OptiShot, VERT, Think Geek, Polar Electro, and Cricket Wireless. Their PR efforts focus on all types of technology, including consumer electronics, health and wellness, wearable technology, sports and fitness tech, digital lifestyle, and eco-friendly tech.


Social Media Group

Sachs Media Group

Sachs’ offices are in Tallahassee (headquarters), Orlando, Boca Raton, and Washington DC, founded by Ron Sachs, President, and CEO. They specialize in Crisis communications, PR, public affairs, corporate and organizational branding, issues management, reputation building, social marketing, research, graphic and web design, digital media, and video production. Some of their clients include Earth Pets, Deseret Ranch, Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Andrew’s Restaurant and Catering, Pfizer, and Hospital Corporation of America. Sachs prepares to celebrate 20 years in business and during that time they’ve received 7 Emmy Awards, 9 Bulldog Awards, 53 Image Awards, and a whopping 111 Addy Awards.

Any Florida PR Agencies we missed? Let us know – and next time we write about them!

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