Book Review: For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release: Ronn TorossianA few weeks ago we spoke with 5WPR Founder and CEO Ronn Torossian about his company, and his take on PR now. Today, we offer an inside look at Ronn’s forthcoming book For Immediate Release (click on the image), a resource of immense value for veteran and budding communicators in all spheres.

For those unfamiliar with Torossian, this dynamic, even mercuric entrepreneur, has  paved new pathways into the ways we do  business in the digital world. Toting an image as a tough, hands on, and extremely wired mover, Torossian navigates his way through the circuitous Manhattan landscape – a sort of communications “gun-slinger” at times, while possessing an enviable and rock-steady aura as someone who can be counted upon. All this charisma, if it is that, is reflected on anyone who has dealings with him – not to mention in the new book and in the PR news world.

Ronn sent me a review copy of For Immediate Release a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I would share my thoughts and some of the book’s (Ronn’s) wisdom with you. From the get-go Ronn transports his readers into the back of the celebrity limo – smack dab into the wheeling – dealing world of pressure cooker PR. What better place to look for refinements is there than where the metal meets the meat?

Shape Minds, Build Brands, and Deliver Results

Results! The rest of the initial chapters of Ronn’s work in print is just a lead in, color, a taste of his life – life in the fast lane of high powered PR. In the end, the reader is confronted with the lone value proposition about Torossian, his experience, any key player’s experience – you could call the result the win. Thought leader celebrity companies, to Pamela Anderson and celebrity-celebrity (5WPR’s clients), For Immediate Release reflects those scenarios and lessons you would expect – all the usual suspects relayed at the reader – building credibility, interest, the “hook” so to speak. Torossian is great at reflecting his life, the life of a successful player. It is ultimately convincing – what would you expect?

As an illustration, I quote one of the early reviews of the book by none other than Amir Korangy, Publisher, The Real Deal magazine:

“…Forget theory, this book takes you behind the scenes with real, concrete examples of the new rules of social media and working with power brokers who can build and destroy a brand.” 

For those wanting an “easy button” – a concise reason to cast off or absorb content – of all the dozens of testimonials for Ronn’s new book – there it is in black and white – the reason you HAVE to read this book. You are a brand, you know?

…With Game-Changing Public Relations

The reality of Ronn Torossian, of any high profile mover and shaker, is unveiled and dissected in the body of For Immediate Release. Practical advice on; self evaluation, value propositioning, media outreach,  crisis management, the role of PR, and problem solving weigh in heavily with value anyone needs – there’s not underestimating these sections of the book.

However, it is not my job to re-write the text, only to make you aware of its quality and value to your endeavors, your life. It is the summary judgement the reader yearns for while reading though – I mean, once the wisdom sinks in. Chapter 9, Give More to Get More, is where Torossian’s genius, his real value is cast – portrayed like Zorba by Anthony Quinn (of whom Torossian somehow reminds me). Paying it Forward, Torossian clearly understands the greatest value of all, the win-win. His gift to the reading PR and business public, this go round, Rules for PR Success – well, let’s just sum up like this. Not many big time CEO executives end their book with an appeal to share YOUR ideas directly to his personal email.

Summary of Value – Surgical Communication ToolsRonn Torossian Mike Pence 5WPR

My summary is as follows: “This book is my desk reference of PR rules – the smart reader will make it theirs.” Why, you ask? I’m going to level with you, like always. We have talked to, obviously, some of the most powerful and intelligent communicators on Earth so far in this series – and more are to be showcased and listened to each week.

But, for sheer brilliance of communicative skill – Torossian stands alone in his wired-ness, flexibility, and absolute marvelous ability to get things done. The communications we have had with him have actually been stunningly expert and lightning fast. As an example, the ten questions I sent him for our first interview (after an immediate SM reponse) took less time for him to draft (from God knows what smart device) than it took for me to think them up – hours. I have called a lot of superb people “razor sharp” – Ronn  Torossian never needs sharpening – he is self sharpening, read the book.

I leave off with maybe the most telling aspect of Ronn Torossian (and so many of us too), a last comment before his leaving us in his acknowledgements:

…There is so much more I want to say and do. I am just getting started in life…

Published by BenBella Books, Inc., For Immediate Release is written by Ronn Torossian with Karen Kelly. The pre-order of the hard bound is available via Barnes & Noble here, and Amazon here and behind Ronn’s picture (upper right), for those interested.


  1. chrisek says

    For too long, the PR game has been under the control of a handful of old-club-boys until Torossian came on the scene and was able to accomplish as much, if not more than all of them. For Immediate Release is an insider’s guide to how New York media works, but more importantly, how to work it, from someone who has had firsthand experience in doing so. Forget theory, this book takes you behind the scenes with real concrete examples of the new rules of social media and working with the power brokers that can build or destroy a brand.

  2. Michael Levy says

    Working at a NY PR Agency, Ronn Torossian is someone I watch from a far and admire. I am very excited to read the book of this hard working PR entrepreneur. Ordered it today.

  3. Rigas Pantos says

    Sounds like a must-read, will be picking up the Kindle version as soon as I can! Great review Phil, thanks for the heads up.

  4. Matthew Kraft says


    Thanks for this review. I’ve been looking for more resources, and I’ll definitely make sure this is on my shelf this fall.

    • Phil Butler says

      @Matt, Thanks old friend, Ronn is truly an extraordinary fellow. I loved your idea about offering my preview copy as a prize.


      • Sarah says

        Ive followed his career since he first started 5WPR, and cannot wait to pick up this book! Sounds like an interesting read.

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