Ford Explorer Recalls the Latest Crisis for Ford Motor Company

The Ford Explorer is a decent SUV that Ford began making in 1991, when it was based on the Ford Ranger platform. It has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in recent times due to a string of recalls linked to different mechanical and electric problems.

The popular SUV has been recalled from around the world by the car manufacturer for a rear suspension issue that affects the handling of the  vehicle as well as the ability of its drivers to steer them effectively. Some of the affected vehicles reportedly experience  clunky body noises and  misaligned rear wheels because of the same issue.

In a statement made available to the press, Ford stated that the affected models of the Ford Explorer have mechanical problems that begin with the fracturing of the rear suspension toe link. The fracture reportedly causes steering control of the cars to become less effective, and as a result, there is a greater crash risk in those vehicles. The Ford Explorer isn’t new to recalls either, as this is simply the latest in a string of recalls of the popular SUV.

Customers with affected vehicles received notifications of the recall from Ford.  Once the cars are returned to dealers they will be inspected, and the affected mechanical parts will be replaced. Nearly 775,000 Ford Explorers have been recalled in total, with 676,152 of them sold in North America. In China too, 59,935 Ford Explorers were recalled, in addition to recalls in other markets like South America, Europe, and more.

Ford itself believes adverse weather contributed to the issues with the cars and impacted their recall in some regions. The company said that some of the cars in the US were used in states with high corrosion. Ford  thinks the conditions in these states cause the affected rear toe links to become particularly vulnerable. Most of the recalled Explorers were reportedly built between 2012 to 2017 in Ford Motor Company plants in Russia and Chicago.

Ford dealerships allegedly serviced some of the recalled vehicles with a problematic ball joint attachment from ZF Friedrichshafen. This ball joint has been found to  seize entirely  on occasion, causing  the outer section of the rear suspension to become fractured when it happens. It is the breakage of this rear toe link that causes steering control to become less effective, and increases the probability of a crash.

Regions of the US particularly affected by the latest recalls from Ford include Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Delaware, and Illinois, among others . Owners of affected cars in these places have been directed to return their vehicles to nearby Lincoln or Ford dealerships for inspection and repair.

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