France Public Relations: Who are the Best French PR Firms?

French Public Relations Agencies

The world of PR spans across the globe in a frenzied manner to compel the public to perceive—whatever that perception may be. Messages are being spread far and wide, and not one country can claim the entire share of public relations opportunities.

Where one door closes in the midst of sincere pursuit, another opens. The doors of opportunity on the international front can be just as lucrative as those that service a more national audience and clientele. One great country that comes to mind within the international landscape is France. The French market is vast for the PR specialists as well as the aspirant—whether they seek agencies or fulfilling roles via self-employment. Both are challenging but provide rewards well worth the effort.

In this article, we’ll cover a few names in France with impressive credentials in the independent industry for “reputation specialists” and agents alike. So sit back, contemplate. …and broaden your horizon of the worldwide PR landscape.

Wellcom - France PR

Wellcom. Wellcom, the notably similar pronunciation of “welcome,” specializes in B2B and B2C infrastructures. With a tight grip on corporate and marketing communications, Wellcom secures a reputable name that creates and develops strong, resistive imaging for its clients. You can find specialties such as Crisis Communication, Brand Identity, Change Management and Influencer Communications.

These are just a few areas of skills and expertise had by this agency. Their mission is to, “. …induce movement and shift the lines. …from an approach on the interaction between Image and Opinions.” Call this agency the whole kit and caboodle if you like.

Enderby France PREnderby. Enderby is a young and sprouting PR organization founded and created in 2008. The founders, Delphine Jouenne and Cyril Chassaing, are former consultants working with strategic consulting and audit/corporate legal agencies. The tides have changed for these two entrepreneurs and assisting in strategic thinking, marketable positioning, communications strategies, and business development is what they do.

You can expect much from this European network of consultants and communication professionals. They’re not only part of the landscape of international PR; they‘re also paving it.

SC Conseil French PRSC Conseil. When developing a communications strategy for general public opinion, SC Conseil thrives in helping brands reach established goals with media coverage. This is an independent PR agency that caters to digital communications in a world where technology has and is creating the modern landscape where people socialize, work, purchase, and interact. Just call this agency cutting edge.

If there were another way to explain it, we would have. It’s targeted services regarding social media only lightly unveils the depth of integration this organization has within international PR and modern technology.

Cap & Cime PRCap & Cime PR. There are no limitations to who Cap & Cime PR will service. Whether it be unknown start-ups or well-established powers in the international market. Reputation is an equal service given to all through Cap & Cime PR. It’s a great opportunity for new applicants in the public relations industry seeking employment.

This agency has been names as Public Relations Agency of the Year. Cap’s primary approach is to initiate the right campaign by adding their years of experience and dedication to their work.

These are among the many PR agencies with independent standing in France.

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