Frank PR Nabs Spot as Invisalign’s Agency of Record

Frank PR Nabs Spot as Invisalign's Agency of Record

An Enero Group company – Frank PR recently won the account for a leading dental accessory and orthodontic company – Invisalign. Going forward, Frank PR will be responsible for handling influencer engagement, ambassador placement, communication strategy, and brand campaigns on Invisalign’s behalf.

According to the managing director for Invisalign, the brand is thrilled to be welcoming a new PR representative to their team. Karen McGoldrick noted that Frank PR offered creative ideas, unique levels of ambition and a strong focus on results when they applied for the brand’s business. Invisalign feel comfortable working alongside the team at Frank PR, and they’re excited about the year ahead.

What Frank PR Will Do for Invisalign

During the next year or so, Frank PR will be responsible for working alongside the Australian branch of Invisalign, and helping the company come up with unique marketing campaigns to create more of a social buzz. Frank PR describes itself as a boutique public relations firm, but it has a global presence, with offices in Sydney, Australia, Camden Town, New York City, and London.

Since it’s launch in September 2000, Frank PR has been growing rapidly, and it’s now one of the most significant PR consultancies in the year, with fee incomes totaling about £6.8 million. The recent Invisalign achievement comes not long after Frank PR has received a number of additional accounts with other big-name brands. The organisation recently received the accounts of Doughnut Time and Huxtaburger too.

To go alongside similar digital brands like Activision, Frank PR also recently won the Bethesda Softworks account. The managing director of Bethesda Softwares for New Zealand and Australia announced that Frank PR shows a significant understanding of their offerings and their customers, and they absolutely get their vision of Bethesda right.

The Growth of Frank PR

Frank PR came to life with CEO Graham Goodkind in 2000, and it was acquired by the Photon Group in 2007. Though Frank PR started in England, it’s grown to have a presence across the globe, with a Sydney office opening in 20089, and a New York Office opening in 2012. In terms of revenue, Frank is the 5th largest firm available for PR in the UK, and it’s also the 84th largest global consultancy.

Frank PR earns most of its clients as a specialist in leading brands, challenger companies, social movements, and multinational companies. Aside from offering standard consumer PR, Frank PR also offers specialist teams that provide experiential, social responsibility, digital, celebrity, and product placement campaigns too. The brand won Marketing PR Agency of the year awards in 2004, 2005 and 2010.

Along with the recent win of Invisalign and Bethesda Australia, Frank PR also has various exciting clients in their roster, including Disney, Fosters, Nestle, SodaStream, BlackBerry, and many more. In recent press releases, both Invisalign and Frank PR have announced that they’re excited to start working together on the future of the Invisalign brand.  Laura Jones, the joint-marketing director for Frank PR noted that the brand is delighted to work with Invisalign Australia and they will be focusing on building buzz and advocacy around the company’s products.

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