Freud PR Acquires Brooke Hammerling & Brew Media Relations

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Freud PR – headed by Michael Freud – is returning to North America with today’s announcement that the UK based company has purchased Brooke Hammerling’s Brew Media Relations firm. The ownership is effective immediately and represents Matthew Freud’s first big move in the U.S. in seven years.

What Freud Gets Out of the Deal

Freud’s acquired Brew Media hoping to break into the tech sector in America. CEO at Freud’s, Andrew McGuinness stated, “The technology sector is a growing area for Freud’s, and this exciting acquisition illustrates our continued investment in evolving our business to meet the changing needs of our clients, adding further strength and depth to our offering.”

Freud’s also hoped to grow its global reach, as Brew Communications runs multiple offices around the U.S. These include offices in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles giving Freud’s a coast-to-coast PR market reach, in addition to its impressive set-up in the United Kingdom.

McGuinness confirmed this by pointing out, “This new partnership expands our international operations, giving us a footprint across both coasts of the United States and will also allow us to bring Brew’s expertise and services to Tech businesses across Europe.”

Cost of Buy-Out still Undisclosed

Both agencies remain silent about the sum paid for the buy-out. Whatever the cost, though, Freud’s seems well poised to pay it. According to its financial records, the firm grossed nearly $16 million in 2014 alone. Last year, Freud’s also bought 50 percent of shares in Proud-Robinson, an agency specializing in marketing, events planning, and content management.

Founder and Chairman Matthew Freud hinted this acquisition serves as only the beginning of the company’s plans for the new year.


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About Brew Media Relations

Brooke Hammerling founded Brew Media Relations a decade ago hoping to take a new approach to how businesses handle public relations. At the time of the buy-out, a staff of twenty employees manned the firm under the leadership of CEO, Dena Cook. Brew works with tech and digital media companies, offering services in branding, marketing, development, and even fundraising.

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About Freud PR

Founded by the great-grandson of renowned psychologist, Sigmund Freud, Freud’s first opened its doors in 1985. Since then, Freud’s has remained an independent company, and this choice is engraved into its culture. The process involved buy-outs, and even re-purchasing parts of the company when it became folded into bigger global brands.

The firm employs 250 people and works with clients across a broad spectrum. Client industries include corporate, public, and private organizations. Some of Freud’s most recent clients include Belstaff, Estée Lauder, and Purple Bricks. One of the firm’s most notable projects meant working with the London Olympics in 2012.

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