Gary Kaplan and Destination Philanthropy

Gary Kaplan is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and travel enthusiast from Brooklyn, NY. He left his home state over three decades ago to dedicate his life to charity. Kaplan demonstrates that commitment through the HG Kaplan Foundation, a Costa Rica-based non-profit organization that he established. The charity organization focuses on supporting children in deprived communities in developing countries. The objective is to ensure that each child’s hopes of a brighter future remain alive by providing education and financial resources to aid the course. Furthermore, the foundation works with forward-thinking community members to ensure that every child lives a healthy and happy life and dreams of a future with endless possibilities.

Gary Kaplan’s Charitable Acts Inspired by Traveling

Gary Kaplan has traveled to various parts of the world since his childhood. That allowed him to experience and see life outside New York. He has visited many developing countries, such as Cuba and Zambia, Africa. His stay in these destinations made him see the struggles of women traveling miles to fetch essential commodities, such as water and food. Gary was surprised to learn how communities live in desperation because the essential resources are not readily available.

As a businessman, Gary saw these communities as societies that can become highly productive areas only if they had access to the capital and support they need to improve their livelihoods. While authorities in these communities marginalize these groups as a problem, but Gary saw it as an opportunity to empower individuals who have so much potential to reverse their lifestyles. Therefore, he sought out to find a solution.

HG Kaplan Foundation: Changing the World with a Solution-Centered Approach

Gary Kaplan’s Foundation aims to change the lives of less fortunate communities by providing a practical solution-oriented approach. For instance, the foundation successfully constructed a new fresh-water well from a river flowing about seven (7) miles away. Moreover, his commitment to bring positive change also moved him to improve housing. After training the locals and supplying the materials, the townspeople constructed and repaired building structures to improve shelters. His service and donations to the underserved societies stirred up a renewed strength in Gary Kaplan to push on with his works as they had a huge impact on the local community. Besides, philanthropy has become an integral part of Kaplan’s lifestyle. That’s why sparing time and money for such a positive course is a fulfilling experience and a top objective of HG Foundation, one of Gary Kaplan’s charitable organizations.

He incorporates his entrepreneurship and leadership skills in the management of his philanthropic activities. Through proper planning and management, Gary has extended his charitable acts to the communities near his home in Costa Rica. The foundation oversees over 50+ community improvement projects in Latin America, focusing on various aspects, such as basic needs, healthcare, education, and community development.

HG Foundation operates within the limits of its core values that include:

  • Innovation
  • Solidarity
  • Integrity
  • Financial Accountability

By focusing on these core values, the foundation can continue with its mission while maximizing every coin funding a project. That involves careful budgeting and volunteer programs to ensure hands-on involvement of the workforce. Gary Kaplan personally takes pride in getting himself personally and physically engaged in life-changing projects.

Gary Kaplan has visited many communities and has understood the critical aspects of life that impact the needs of each individual. That’s why the foundation focuses on the following four programs:

  • Health Education
  • Daycare Centers
  • Bed and Food
  • Health Clinic Development

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