Healthcare Lifestyle PR Firms: GCI Health, M Booth & Quinn & Co.

Healthcare PR Firm

As more companies look to expanding services to attract and keep better clientele, some companies still see the value in specializing at what they do best. This is the case with PR firms in Healthcare and lifestyle. Whether in politics, job markets or the news, Healthcare jumps forward as a hotly contested niche for PR firms and campaigns.

Lifestyle, on the other hand, offers a lucrative and far-ranging spread of topics for any firm. GCI Health, M Booth, and Quinn & Co feature as three PR firms in these areas. Here’s an overview of each company and their guiding principles.

GCI Health

GCI Health

An advertising and PR powerhouse from Britain, WPP continues to enjoy enviable success in the field over the years. So when the company launched GCI Health via sister company Cohn & Wolfe seven years ago, it had everything it needed to succeed in the market. The only offshoot of the company specializes in Healthcare public relations, GCI has earned quite the reputation over the years.

This reputation is supported by the many awards the firm receives for the high-quality work it produces. Some of the awards include “Global Healthcare PR Agency of the Year,” and “Healthcare PR Agency of the Year.” Both of these came from The Holmes Report.

Other awards focus on far ranging campaigns, but a few specifically came from the firm’s involvement with diabetes research. Some of these consist of “Diabetes Restaurant Month,” “America’s Diabetes Challenge: Get to Your Goals,” and “Cuida Tu Diabetes, Cuida Tu Corazón (Take Care of Your Diabetes, Take Care of Your Heart).”

After taking a look at the firm’s extensive service list, it’s no wonder it earns these awards year after year. GCI provides services like advocacy relations, healthcare education, and patient recruitment. GCI also stresses a commitment to communications between clients and the company and takes pride in the ability to communicate and execute strategies to fill client-specific needs.

Recognizing the growing demand for clear and concise plans in healthcare, the company lives by the “Strength of the Science and the Power of the Patient.” In this definition, the GCI plan separates itself from the competition by reforming communication between healthcare providers and patients.

GCI operates two main offices, servicing clients in the UK and North America. Strategically located in London and New York, more than 140 employees man the two offices to meet the needs of the clients.

One unique feature of the company rests in the fact that of its ten executives, nine are female. This challenges the tendency for men to head PR firms though the field features mostly female specialists. This shows GCI doesn’t follow trends – it sets them.

M Booth

M Booth

When it comes to wit and offbeat humor, M Booth has it all. This company takes a more cheerful approach to winning and impressing clients. According to the company, “We also are inspired by Beyoncé, a great grilled cheese sandwich, and any girl little leaguer that pitches at 70 miles an hour.”

M Booth also boasts an impressive global reach. The company owns 48 offices in markets around the world. This reach comes from the firm’s tendency to take creative approaches to the science behind good PR strategies. This attracts clients from all around the world looking to find that “edge” setting them apart. The firm marries research with a wild imagination to build reputation and drive the kind of results keeping their clients on top in the market.

M Booth’s clients belong primarily to the food, fashion, wine, travel, and financial services fields. The companies who do business with M Booth include Godiva, Google, American Express, GE, Vaseline, and Mercedes-Benz. The themes from these campaigns approach products not usually geared toward younger audiences, and find a niche or campaign with widespread appeal for a millennial crowd.

The company’s zaniness helps clients appeal to audiences in rapidly changing technological environments. The staff of 70 ensures the brands the firm backs are not only seen but seen in the right light and for the right reasons.

To ensure its employees continue to produce this kind of result, M Booth embraces the idea “Great ideas don’t come from cubicles… they come from BOOTHS.” This firm shows even in an increasingly competitive business with serious PR issues arising every day, it pays to keep it light and fun.

Based in the Big Apple, the firm operates as a subsidiary of Next Fifteen Communications Group.

Quinn & Co

Quinn & Company Public Relations

Based only out of New York City and Miami, Quinn & Co. still manages to create a global impact for itself and the brands it represents. The firm specializes in the field of the luxury lifestyle. It fulfills needs in hotels and spas, as well as creating interesting and novelty campaigns. The firm’s two-fold niche stresses luxury, but with quirky details getting a lot of “buzz.”

One notable campaign came from Waldorf Astoria when the company brought in the PR team to get the word out about the Bee farm on top of the Hotel. In another novelty campaign, Quinn & Co opened up the first “Outdoor Hotel Room” to a flurry of internet attention. Other big clients drawn to this small PR firm include Hilton Orlando, the Wyndham Rio Mar Beach Resort and Spa, and Ritz-Carlton Residences Miami Beach.

Founded in 1989 by Florence Quinn, the PR firm gathers its strength from its ability to tell stories on behalf of brands. After a quarter of a century in the business, Quinn proves that growth and expansion do not only reflect in numbers, but in skills and better clientele. The firm hires less than 50 workers to man its operations and meet client needs under Florence Quinn’s leadership.

Her leadership ability centers on not just driving her small team to create the best results. It also includes her ability to build a team from diverse backgrounds to add varying perspectives to each campaign. In 2014, the company shared the “Best in Show” award with Weber Shandwick at the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International’s annual Adrian Awards.

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