GeoEye Picks Gibralter as Agency of Record

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GeoEye, Inc. has chosen Gibralter Associates to serve as the agency of record for the imagery processing company. Gibralter is a boutique corporate communications and public affairs firm that will be handling media and press for GeoEye. The PR company will also be working as an advisor in the area of public relations campaigns.

“It’s a privilege to work with a technology leader like GeoEye,” said Eric Bovim, co-founder and CEO of Gibraltar Associates. “The company’s growth is a testament to the enormous potential that commercial satellite imagery brings to fields from national security and disaster response to oil and gas and mining markets and even on-line mapping.”

GeoEye, Inc. offers imagery, as well as imagery information on products and processing of images. The company provides accurate and timely location intelligence for agencies around the world, including governmental agencies. The company is also working on creating a foundation that would enable new geospacial professionals to study the latest technology, as well as provide their satellite imagery as an aid to academics and humanitarian organizations who would put it to good use.

“Gibraltar Associates’ approach to communications blends traditional and social media and is a perfect match for us. We’re a growing company in the business of location-based services but we’re different in that we own and operate our own world class Earth-imaging satellites. We have a good story to tell and Gibraltar can help us do it,” said Mark E. Brender, vice president of communications for GeoEye.

Gibralter Associates has worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies and is eager to take on GeoEye’s project.

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