Glasgow PR: Revolver PR to Represent SourceRail

Glasgow PR

Revolver PR, a Glasgow based digital public relations company, in collaboration with news monitoring specialist SourceRail, are launching together a new content monitoring and media reporting service this summer. The platform is scheduled to launch in July, after a rigorous testing phase on SourceRail’s cloud-based platform.

Revolver PR will play an active role in the development phase, with full access to advance features, that will give developers the opportunity to benchmark their platform’s performance using a raft of live campaigns, specially designed for PR needs.

SourceRail aims to become one of the most comprehensive media monitoring, mapping and measurement tools on the Internet. The best way to test it is through live campaigns. Revolver turned to be the ideal partner for the testing phase:

“Revolver PR provides the perfect match. They’re resourceful, dynamic digital natives with a strategic understanding of the media that’s hard to beat, and we’re confident that working with them will help hone the service as we prepare to launch,” – said SourceRail Managing Director Stephen Sheppard, in an official press statement.

The market is already saturated with content monitoring platforms, each more complex than other. But SourceRail has faith in its cutting edge technology, and hopes to convince industry experts through unparalleled functionality and professional features. For Revolver, the collaboration means better services for their own customers, who will benefit from the use of comprehensive content monitoring tools.

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