Global Fintech PR Network Launched

Global Fintech PR Network Launched

A new Global Fintech PR Network, Vested, was launched in November with eight fintech PR specialty agencies from five different countries. They have since added another agency to their group. The network started with Norfico, based in Copenhagen, and a dream of putting together a network in support of providing “high-quality PR, communications, and strategic advisory services to clients in the fintech industry around the world.”

Member agencies are found in Copenhagen, London, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Singapore, Tel Aviv, New York, and Austin. The plan is to add more agencies and expand to more countries. Norfico – run by Kristian T. Sorensen and Michael Juul Rugaard, who started with the idea and contacted other fintech PR agencies, is growing rapidly. Rugaard said: “We firmly believe that the key to creating real value for our customers is to specialize and maintain deep industry knowledge. It becomes especially evident in highly sophisticated and complex industries like fintech.”

In choosing the other agencies, they targeted not just the specific knowledge of each agency, but the diverse locations. Making the network global in much the same way the industry is global, providing access to markets and technology everywhere.

The nine network agencies are:

Dan Simon, CEO of Vested, said: “For agencies in this network, some of the main advantages will be lead sharing and joint servicing of international customers. I see a rapidly growing demand for our services, and I hope that together we can locate more agencies to join the network.”

Martina Doherty, founder of MD Consulting in London, spoke about how the network will affect the fintech industry. She said:  PR and marketing professionals can sometimes struggle implementing campaigns outside of their ‘home’ geography – after all, we have spent our careers building up relationships locally. However, within our industry, clients often run businesses which operate across geographies, and they often expect PR and marketing campaigns to mirror that. Through membership of this network, agencies will be able to offer clients an improved level of service outside their ‘home’ geography, safe in the knowledge that there are partner agencies within the network ready to advise, assist and share relationships when needed. This is not only a good thing for member agencies – it is, of course, a benefit to clients.”

For fintech PR firms who are interested in joining the fledgling network, they are willing to accept applications and want to talk with those firms. They ask that applying firms be strong and independent with FinTech being their primary focus. That the agencies have a global perspective, a proven FinTech history, and strong thought leader tendencies is also a must. Agencies must be amenable to sharing their strengths with the network and willing to learn from other members. If that sounds like your firm, contact them at

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