The Global Geoparks Network (GGN), of which membership is obligatory for UNESCO Global Geoparks, is a legally constituted not-for-profit organization with an annual membership fee. The GGN founded in  2004 is a dynamic network where UNESCO Global Geoparks are committed to work together, exchange ideas of best practice, and join in common projects to raise the quality standards of all products and practices of a UNESCO Global Geopark. While the GGN as a whole comes together every two years, it functions through the operation of regional networks, such as the European Geoparks Network  that meets twice a year to develop and promote joint activities.

UNESCO Global Geoparks are single, unified geographical areas where sites and landscapes of international geological significance are managed with a holistic concept of protection, education and sustainable development. Their bottom-up approach of combining conservation with sustainable development while involving local communities is becoming increasingly popular. At present, there are 127 UNESCO Global Geoparks in 35 countries.

A geopark territory may include a National Park, a UNESCO WHS, a UNESCO MAB and many other recognized designations but it is quite different. It can have significant urban and/or marine characteristics as well as rural, it can be as small as 100km2 or it can be huge, they often span multiple administrative authorities, a UNESCO Global Geopark can cross international borders. But the two aspects that are common to every Geopark are outstanding geological heritage and communities, people making a difference within the Geopark territory, both socially and economically.

UNESCO’s work with geoparks began in 2001. In 2004, 17 European and 8 Chinese geoparks came together at UNESCO headquarters in Paris to form the Global Geoparks Network (GGN) where national geological heritage initiatives contribute to and benefit from their membership of a global network of exchange and cooperation. On 17 November 2015, the 195 Member States of UNESCO ratified the creation of a new label, the UNESCO Global Geoparks, during the 38th General Conference of the Organization. This expresses governmental recognition of the importance of managing outstanding geological sites and landscapes in  a holistic manner.

The Organization supports Member States’ efforts to establish UNESCO Global Geoparks all around the world, in close collaboration with the Global Geoparks Network.

The Global Geopark Network (GGN) is responsible for the business of the network and is governed by an executive board with regional representation. Task  forces  have  been created to address  key deliverables of the network. On behalf of its members, UNESCO Global Geoparks, the GGN is seeking Expressions of Interest for the development and implementation of a Communication and Marketing Strategy to elevate global awareness of UNESCO Global Geoparks, focusing on the value and mandates they bring or can bring to their respective territories. See section 6, page 9 Supplemental Information. The successful proponent will work with the GGN as appropriate throughout all stages of the contract.

Scope of Work:

Marketing & Communication Strategy:

The Global Geoparks Network is aware the general public worldwide does not recognize the existence or value of the  network.   This call is to address this deficiency by undertaking communication and  marketing activities which maximize benefit for UNESCO Global Geoparks. Currently there are 127 UNESCO Global Geoparks in 35 countries who are actively participating in an exchange of experiences and collaboration. It is important the strategy does not infringe upon, impede or duplicate any global, national or regional brand/marketing efforts. The development of the strategy  will  have clear timeframes for engagement with the Marketing Task Force to ensure all stakeholder needs are included  in the strategy.

The goals of this strategy include:

Developing an inclusive (global) communication & marketing strategy for UNESCO Global Geoparks that:

  • raises awareness of the existence and deliverables of UNESCO Global Geoparks with their core values for their territories to the general public (education, sustainable economic (tourism) development, preservation and conservation and international collaboration and exchange of experience)
  • provides research on the awareness and association of the UNESCO Logo and incorporates a geopark identity/design that can be used by UNESCO Global Geoparks
  • describes the culture of UNESCO Global Geoparks and shows the value of their activities
  • SWOT analysis for a common communication and marketing strategy for UNESCO Global Geoparks (engaging with a minimum 20 UNESCO Global Geoparks, taking into consideration equal geographical representation )
  • provides geoparks confidence in marketing the network and its activities as a result of the research conducted by the successful proponent

A concept shall be presented that:

  • raises awareness with media and travel trade
  • provides tools to satisfy the professional and public audience each geopark communicates and markets to including digital media tools & spaces incl. hash tags, etc.
  • includes messaging of healthy living (through geopark activities)
  • provides options for a global platform for UNESCO Global Geoparks to market their geoparks collectively, and /or individually
  • provides an opportunity for supporting partners to be promoted (non geopark stakeholders, such as sponsors)
  • provides guidance to geoparks on best practices for marketing and spreading the concept among their local, national, regional and international media, stakeholders and decision makers

The Global Geoparks Network is inviting consultants to submit proposals for the delivery of a Communication and Marketing Strategy. The Network encourages collaboration amongst consultants to create a team, with an identified lead, for the purpose of executing all elements of this request for proposals.

  1. Deliverables

The successful consultant must possess demonstrated leadership abilities in developing communication and marketing strategies with multiple partners. Preference will be given to proponents who have demonstrated:

–              understanding of what geoparks provide to their communities

–              experience working with a volunteer board and multiple stakeholders

–              strong knowledge of the tourism industry at national and international level

–              competence in tourism communication

–              competence in education communication

–              knowledge in developing communication and marketing strategies

The consultant will be expected to devote the necessary resources and effort to ensure the project is successful, meets its objectives and the needs of all stakeholders.

Due Date:

March 23rd, 2018



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