Good Content: How to Write for People and for Bots


Chances are, you’ve found yourself in the following predicament at least once: You thought you were on a stellar website with pertinent information, only to find that the copy sounded as though it was sputtered out by a machine and not a real person. While this content might work well for an audience composed of Google Bots, it doesn’t speak to the needs of real people.

Why Cater Content to Real People
Writing content for real people is crucial because these are the individuals who will use your services and products. Lead generation is key, but only if it brings you customers. When people visit your website and all of the content sounds forced, they might actually think that the site is a scam. In their minds, they might equate the content with spam email, or with a business that does not care about its customers, and quickly move on to another source.

Integrating Keywords and Phrases Naturally
With search engine optimization, most business owners know that integrating keywords and phrases is crucial. However, in 2015, that’s not the only part of SEO. Content marketing is prominent, and in order for that process to work, the content has to be strong. Integrating keywords and phrases should sound natural and not forced. That means writers may need to include prepositions where they once would not or that they need to cut down on the amount of times that they repeat any one particular word or phrase in the content.

Speaking to the Customer
Also, suitable content speaks to the needs of the customer in an approachable and even friendly manner. Writers must consider the tone in which people wish to be spoken to, and that is often not a robotic or stilted manner. On top of that, company owners must remember that people generally do not like to hear the same information time and time again. As a result, they must ensure that the content is fresh and never stale; that means updating content on a more regular basis. Google search algorithms do tend to favor websites that have fresh content on them.

Clearly, crafting material that speaks to the needs of customers, and not just to robots, has manifold benefits to offer to companies. They can not only generate more traffic to the site, but they can also hold the attention of their audience members and keep them coming back.

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