Government Relations RFP Issued in Colorado

Colorado Department of Transportation

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has issued an RFP for a government relations firm.

CDOT maintains an ongoing and robust working relationship with the Colorado congressional delegation and receives information from various transportation groups regarding action in Washington, DC that may affect CDO finances and policy. To closely monitor, impact, and analyze federal legislative and agency actions, CDOT seeks to contract with a federal government relations agency.


CDOT relies heavily upon Federal resources and revenue to accomplish its mission. To this end, Federal government relations is a necessary requirement to ensure that CDOT staff are fully aware of Federal budget matters, rule-making, legislation, and other areas that may impact CDOT, its budget, and its mission.

Scope of Work:

1)         Tracking & Reporting Legislation:A weekly report to the CDOT Office of Policy and Government Relations Federal Liaison (Liaison), and a populated federal bill tracking spreadsheet to monitor federal legislation of importance to CDOT. (Work estimated at 5% of purchase order amount)

2)         Plan and Execute Washington, D.C. Trips: For meetings with the Colorado congressional delegation members and/or staff, relevant congressional committee members and/or staff, and US Department of Transportation officials, as appropriate, on behalf of CDOT. Responsible for scheduling meetings, arranging agendas, prepping delegation staff as to the nature of the visit, and providing CDOT staff with talking points prior to the visit. Printing of materials, booking of lodging and flights for CDOT staff shall be the responsibility of CDOT. (Work estimated at 30% of purchase order amount).

Tentative plans for trips include:

  1. Fall – one trip to discuss general updates, and other matters important to CDOT.
  2. Winter – one trip to discuss general updates, appropriations matters, CDOT project updates, etc.
  3. February/March – one trip to coincide with the AASHTO Washington, DC meetings. Participants will likely include Transportation Commission Chair, Transportation Commission Vice-chair, CDOT Executive Director, and Liaison. In addition to standard duties for all trips, the Consultant shall be responsible for, upon approval of the Liaison: developing the trip agenda and scheduling meetings; drafting and printing talking points, and “leave-behind” packets for congressional staff; making appropriate meal arrangements for attendees; and briefing CDOT attendees regarding strategies and messaging for the visits.
  4. May/June– one trip to coincide with the annual CCA Washington, DC meetings.
  5. Additional Trip – one additional trip to be scheduled as needed based upon the timing of federal transportation issues or activity in Congress.

3)         Delegation Communications:  Serve as the delegation’s “first point of contact” for CDOT issues, and conduct regular meetings with the Liaison to discuss public policy matters, congressional activities, and messaging to delegation staff. While delegation staff contact may be very frequent (multiple times per week) at times, proactive contact to each delegation staff member is expected to maintain congressional relationships, and must occur on, at least, a bi-weekly basis.  Thoroughly document subject material related to meetings, calls, and other contacts conducted with members of Congress, delegation staff, committee staff, and federal agency personnel and shall keep the Liaison informed of such communications. Maintain contact with key congressional committee staff and federal agency officials and staff to ensure CDOT positions are understood.  (Work estimated at 20% of the purchase order amount).

4)         Education and Department Communication: Provide CDOT leadership, through the Liaison, a weekly report on federal issues as well as a weekly update on the federal legislation tracking spreadsheet using the agreed-upon format described in Section 1. Additionally, provide in-depth analyses and fact sheets on key pending legislation, particularly with issues related to FAST Act, appropriation bills, and other transportation legislation to the Liaison. (Work estimated at 10% of the purchase order amount).

5)         Authorization/Appropriations/Legislative Work: Work with the Liaison to develop specific positions and recommendations regarding implementation of the FAST Act and other applicable rule-making, annual appropriations, and other infrastructure funding and legislative initiatives. (Work estimated at 25% of the purchase order amount).

6)         Grants: Work with the Liaison to identify and pursue appropriate grant opportunities for CDOT. Work with the Liaison, the delegation and the US Department of Transportation to advocate for CDOT grant requests. (Work estimated at 10% of the purchase order amount).

Proposal is due on June 7th, 2017 to:

David H. Musgrave, Purchasing Agent

Colorado Department of Transportation

Center for Procurement and Contract Services

4201 East Arkansas Avenue, Room 200

Denver, CO 80222

Weber Shandwick is one of many PR firms with an office in Colorado.


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