Green Flash Media: Forward-Thinking PR For Disruptive Tech

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Launched in 2012, Green Flash media has grown into a forward-thinking marketing and communication firm that works with disruptive tech companies. Delivering more than $4 billion in market cap value, Green Flash has become a go-to agency for leading technology companies.

Leveraging more than 20 years of experience in public relations, social media, storytelling, events and marketing, and investor relations, the agency has mastered the art of marketing mobile, Telkom, consumer, software, and IoT industry brands.

Assisting clients in creating impactful stories to garner attention and build credibility, the agency has built a name in achieving results rather than offering marketing and communication infrastructure.

Key Staff

#1. Jeremy Hyatt


Hyatt is renowned for creating bespoke marketing and communication campaigns for game-changing tech companies. Being a master in business media relationships and storytelling, Hyatt excels in delivering highly differentiated messages to target audiences.

#2. Kelly Poffenberger


With more than 20 years of tech PR experience, Poffenberger has honed the art of creating award-winning PR programs. Leveraging strong influencer and media relations, the marketing pro delivers impactful content and achieves target objectives for game-changing tech companies.

#3. Donna St. Jean Conti


Thanks to Conti’s vast experience spanning more than 25 years, the media maven has forged tones of key connections in the PR industry. Having mastered the ingredients to award-winning media relations, Conti receives massive responses from key media outlets. That’s because the communications pro delivers on-target news.

Key Services

#1. Public Relations


Green Flash combines business, strong storytelling, and VC media relations to deliver highly-tailored content and results. With the firm’s bespoke PR service, brands can advance their visibility exponentially and reach their target clients.

#2. Strategic Consultancy


Thanks to Green Flash’s strategic consultancy service, clients receive strategic and highly-targeted PR results. Through this strategic service, brands can positively affect their bottom-line in the short and long-term periods.

#3. Content Marketing


With Green Flash’s content marketing service, disruptive tech companies benefit from strategic PR, marketing and communication, and company messaging programs. Building upon the agency’s extensive network and vast experience in content marketing, tech companies can more effectively engage with their republics, improving their marketing ROIs.

Client Reviews

#1. Yossi Cohen (Former Ceo – Magnacom)


Cohen explained that Green Flash’s experts, specifically Jeremy, helped raise Broadcom’s business profile to global levels. Thanks to Hyatt’s experience in PR, MagnaCom, a startup introducing mind-blowing tech, created an engaging brand website and company positioning strategy. The results: delivering outstanding visibility and securing multiple world-class awards, bolstering the company’s valuation, and building Magnacom’s credibility.

#2. Robert Nalesnik (Marketing Head – Consultant)


According to Nalesnik, the team at Green Flash remained committed and results-oriented over the entire period of the campaign. Thanks to the agency’s strategic PR service, Nalesnik received unmatched advice at every step of his marketing campaign. Green Flash’s relationships and results remain unbeatable and the most cost-effective.

#3. Lionel Bonnot (Executive Vice President – Site)


Having worked with Green Flash’s team for more than 10 years at different companies, Bonnot explained that the team always exceeded his brand’s expectations. With Hyatt developing bespoke stories and having the know-how to execute big ideas, Bonnot confirmed the PR experts’ branding know-how over the short and long-term periods.

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