Greenpeace & Limited Brands: Making Being Green Sexy

Victoria's Secret AngelCalling Victoria’s Secret “toxic villains” is something Greenpeace is not averse to doing. But when parent company Limited Brands agrees to do a huge turnabout, the world’s most famous environmental stalwarts are likewise inclined to announce “angelic” branding news about the company too.

In a news release sent us by Greenpeace, the oft reported hazardous chemical trail left along Victoria’s Secret supply chain should completely disappear by 2020. At least this is what Limited Brands says in response to Greenpeace’s most recent global Detox campaign. The iconic fashion brand is the 14th global brand to make what Greenpeace calls “a credible Detox commitment”, and the first one that should ensure the total elimination of phthalates and other toxic substances from their processes.

Marietta Harjono, Detox campaigner at Greenpeace International, offered this statement via their press:

“Limited Brands has the chance to move from toxic villain to ‘Detox angel’ with its commitment to completely eliminate all hazardous chemicals from its supply chains and products. The onus is now on the company to follow up on its ambitious statement and quickly turn words into action.”

The plan presented by Limited Brands says the company will disclose discharge data from 80 percent of their global supply chain by the end of this year. The company also guarantees an accelerated transparency in support of the Detox campaigning by Greenpeace.

Sam Fried, Executive Vice President for Law, Policy & Governance at Limited Brands offered his comment as well:

“Limited Brands considers clean water as a critical global issue, and is proud to join Greenpeace in its campaign to eliminate hazardous chemical use.”

For more information about Greenpeace’s or Limited Brands’ commitment to this Detox campaign, please visit Greenpeace here. Readers may also visit Limited Brands as well.

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