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Designed to make PR firms and professionals more aware of the potential impact they can have on a client’s SEO strategy and web presence, gShift Labs is offering a free how-to guide to SEO.  The guide will include tips for PR firms looking to help their client’s rank higher in Google and gain more control over their organic search campaigns. (Do not confuse this company with Shift Communications/Shift PR – they have nothing to do with one another.)

As the creators of the leading Web Presence Optimizer, gShift Labs believes that PR agencies play a key role in a client’s WPO strategy.  “The practice of SEO is now about optimizing your entire web presence for organic search every single day (website, social media, blogs and PR). PR agencies hold the keys to improving organic rankings because they are producing fresh, relevant content that Google loves,” believes Krista La Riviere, Cofounder and CEO of gShift Labs.

With their new software tool, Web Presence Optimizer, gShift is helping PR agencies manage and control their organization’s entire web presence and organic rank by simplifying the process.  The entire system is automated and allows PR agencies to publish and distribute relevant content into the various streams that align a company’s digital footprint with those keyword phrases that rank highly in Google, all in once place.

Together, the WPO and guidebook aim to help PR agencies assist clients with recognizing the difference between words they believe they should be ranking for and those keywords prospects are actually using to try to find a product or service, also known as closing the “keyword gap.”

“As a PR professional you have immense control over helping a client close their keyword gap and telling their story using high-worth keyword phrases,” says LaRiviere. “Once that gap is closed, then it’s about dripping it out on a regular content schedule. We call this ‘socializing the SEO strategy.’ The finesse is the art and science of writing engaging content that has been optimized around those keyword phrases.”

If you’re interested in downloading the free Guide to SEO for PR, it is available here at gShift Labs Resources page.

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