Guayna Tourism Authority Issues Digital Marketing RFP

2019-01-29 by EPR Staff


The Guyana Tourism Authority is seeking proposals from experienced agencies for the planning and execution of its multi-faceted Digital Marketing Services strategy. The strategy is designed to effectively raise awareness, promote, and drive demand for Guyana’s tourism experiences and products within our target consumers, while adapting to current marketing trends.


The Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) secured Acorn Tourism Consulting, Inc. to undertake market research in and completed a Marketing Strategy for Guyana in 2015.  In the strategy, core (US, UK and Canada), investment (Germany)  and secondary  markets were identified. Based on focus groups in selected markets, it was noted that Guyana was relatively unknown and there was a lack of awareness of the country in the regional and international markets. Compounded by the fact that there was little marketing being done in these markets.

As an emerging  nature, adventure  and  cultural destination, Guyana is poised  to  attract visitors from a number of key source markets including but not limited to the United States of America  (USA), Canada,  the  United  Kingdom  (UK) and  Germany. These markets represent the majority of visitors who travel to the Destination annually. Currently, 70% of visitor arrivals are diaspora travelling from the US, Canada and the UK, the Authority is now seeking to engage Americans, Canadians, British and other travelers who are king out authentic nature, culture and adventure destinations.

As part of its digital marketing strategy in 2018, the GTA secured Acorn Tourism Consulting, Inc. to lead its digital marketing activities, which included creating a new website, launching a more comprehensive digital marketing campaign, building social media followers through active engagement, and developing blog content. The Authority also commenced a pay per click and an influencer campaign targeting interest groups and target markets directing traffic to the destination website landing pages.

Aside from the digital marketing strategy, tl1e GTA also contracted market representative agencies who represent the destination in the US and Canada, UK and German markets and actively promote Destination Guyana year-round.  The GTA is also leading; public relations and other marketing activities.

Moving forward, the Authority is also in the process of contracting an agency to der1relop a living integrated marketing and communications strategy and action plan. This agency will be responsible for leading the development of the strategy and action plan and building capacity within the GTA to implement it and keep it updated in order to maximize resource efficiencies and effectiveness in promoting the country as a preferred  tourist  destination and to increase Guyana’s share in the global tourism market.

Scope of Work:

Social Media Management:

                TI1e agency will be responsible managing all official destination social media handles and profiles, developing, posting and sponsoring GTA-vetted content that meets the requirements of each individual channel, filtering of user comments, and providing responses. All posts and tweets on the destination’s social media handles should reflect current events and activities in Guyana. The agency will also be responsible for the repurposing of videos and photographs into suitable formats.

Innovative Social Media Campaigns:

                The agency will be responsible for:

                • evolving the brand voice that has been established and designing, implementing, managing                and evaluating innovative digital media campaigns.

                • social media influencer campaign – identify and secure suitable social media travel influencers to raise the profile of destination Guyana by creating content via blogs, vlogs, imagery, videos, etc.

Online Reputation Management:

The agency will be responsible for responding to queries within 24 hours as per pre­ defined text response or escalation levels. The agency shall also be responsible for the removal of non-relevant or offensive posts/information from all social media handles.

Content Creation:

                The agency will be responsible for creating and updating content for the destination websites ( Responsibilities include creating website copy, blogs, news articles, advertorials, social media posts/content, banners/landing pages/content, product descriptions, case studies, pay-per-click advertising/email copy and campaigns, and sourcing of videos and image content for all of the above.

Due Date:

February 5th, 2019. 


Chairman of National Procurement and Tender Administration 

National Procurement and Tender Administration

Ministry of Finance 

Main & Urquhart Streets 

Georgetown, Guyana

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