Earlier this year, Gucci launched its Sneaker Garage, the highly anticipated section of its mobile app entirely dedicated to the brand’s eclectic sneakers and their digital counterparts. The app enables users to access a series of tools to tweak and design their own Gucci shoe based on parts of existing models. The section also featured the first-ever virtual sneaker designed by creative director Alessandro Michele.

To grow the campaign and awareness, they worked with Superplastic’s virtual influencer characters Dayzee & Staxx (boosting over 250K follows in IG) to raise awareness of the new offerings. The personalities of the digital influencers are NYC-based fashion-obsessed waitresses who find work as minimum wage celebrity zombie hunters.


Superplastic is a global entertainment brand that produces the industry’s leading animated celebrities & influencers. To date, some of the most well-known talent within the Superplastic Universe consists of TikTok and Instagram sensations Janky, Guggimon, Dayzee & Staxx, and Pandakat. With nearly 7M dedicated followers across multiple platforms, each influencer is available for hire & collaborations. There is another side to the business as well – Superplastic produced and sold millions of dollars in limited-edition designer toys and apparel in 2020 alone.

Outside of Gucci, They’ve also worked with brands and celebs including J.Balvin, Gorillaz, Rico Nasty, Complex, Volkswagen, Oscar Meyer — and more. 


Globally, the influencer market is a billion-dollar industry with some very ambitious predictions suggesting it could rise to $15bn in the next couple of years. Digital influencers can have the message discipline of above-the-line advertising coupled with the genuine engagement of influencer marketing.

The best part? They can be anywhere, anyway and at any time. On the heels of COVID, all brands seem to be rethinking their marketing and influencer spend / campaigns, trying new tools and looking to reach target consumers in unique ways via social media. The digital influencer market really emerged in 2020 and could take center stage heading into the New Year.

We expect this to be a big trend, with Superplastic leading the way.

** Dayzee & Staxx were not available for interview**

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