Harris County Department of Education Issues Communications and Marketing RFP


It is the intention of HCDE/CP to establish one or more contracts to furnish and/or deliver Communications, Creative and Marketing Services and Related Services.


Harris County Department of Education is a public entity dedicated to helping meet the needs of uniquely challenged learners and school staff in the state’s largest county through innovative programming and support services. HCDE directly serves approximately 30,000 students with four alternative campuses, therapy services provided in local schools, 17 Head Start centers for early childhood education, after-school programming in dozens of community and school settings and the largest adult education program in Texas.  

HCDE also supports educators and school staff with professional development opportunities in diverse instructional areas ranging from core content to special populations and educational technology, as well as offers programs supporting school safety and alternative certification. The department provides valuable operational support to districts and public agencies in Harris County in the form of an advanced records management system, facilities planning and purchasing power through the Choice Partners program.

Scope of Work:

It is the intention of HCDE/CP to establish one or more contract(s) with highly qualified Vendor(s) for Communications, Creative and Marketing Services and Related Services. Vendor(s) shall, at the request of HCDE/CP or any CP member, provide these products and/or covered services under the terms of this RFP and the Contract set forth in Section 5.0 Contract Terms and Conditions. Vendor shall assist the CP member with making a determination of its individual needs, as stated below.

Communications, Marketing and Creative Services and Related Services

Vendor Agency to work with non-profit organizations and governmental entities for marketing and creative services related to brand management, awareness, advertising, communications, promotion and public relations and other related services.


                • The agency should be an established company engaged in the business of developing and implementing communications, marketing, advertising and creative programs

                • The agency shall have qualified key personnel and staff with experience in communications, marketing and creative services

                • The agency shall have experience working with governmental entities and/or non-profit agencies Communications, Marketing and Creative Services may vary by category and should provide, including (but not limited to):

Creative Services

                • Graphic Design – Photos, illustrations, stationary, brochures, postcards, newsletter, banners, PPT presentations, signage, vehicle wraps, event booths, email signatures

                • Videography – Script writing, storyboarding, voiceover, photography, editing

                • Copywriting – Brochures, website content, reports, brochures, fliers, programs

Marketing Services

                • Social Media Management – Content generation (organic and paid)

                • Website content and maintenance – Management, creation

                • Search Engine Optimization

                • Digital Advertising – Social media, traditional digital platforms, eblasts

                • Traditional Advertising – Radio, TV, billboards, theaters, print, direct mail

Communications & Public Relations

                • Strategic Planning

                • Develop storylines and press releases; coordinate media interviews & press conferences

                • Support communication efforts as needed

                • Develop and maintain targeted media lists for local, trade and national outlets

Professional Services

                • Account Management

                • Advertising: Planning, design, development and production

                • Brand Research, Analysis & Management

                • Media Buying and Management

Pricing to be proposed as line items in eBid system

                • Discount percentage off usual and customary fees

                • Hourly rate for communications, creative, marketing and account services

                • Management fee % of total media buy

Due Date:

June 18th, 2019. 


eBid System

Agencies with relevant experience include Finn Partners and Ruder Finn.

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