Harris-Galveston District Seeks PR Agency

Harris-Galveston District Seeks PR Agency
Harris-Galveston District Seeks PR Agency

The HGSD is seeking a firm with experience in public relations, strategic communications planning and marketing, social media marketing and public outreach to support District communication efforts within

Harris, Galveston, and adjacent counties, and adjacent counties. The selected firm will work with HGSD to develop and implement a project-specific Communication Plan for the upcoming 2023 Regulatory Plan Update. Additionally, the selected firm will work with HGSD to develop a District communication and public outreach plan focused on improving the dissemination of science, research, and district policy to multiple audiences.

The objectives of the 2023 Regulatory Plan Update are focused on accounting for future water needs and subsidence risk by undertaking the following general tasks:

• Develop revised population projections at the census tract level for Harris, Galveston, Fort Bend, and portions of nearby counties (study area).

• Develop revised per capita water use based on multiple factors for the study area.

 • Develop revised groundwater flow model for the Gulf Coast Aquifer System in the study area

• Compile and evaluate available information on future alternative source water availability

• Address specific policy questions regarding the regulatory plan and rules

The update will begin in 2019 and continue through the publication of the District updated management plan around 2023.


Subsidence has been a long-standing problem in the Harris, Galveston, and surrounding counties, with total subsidence near the Gulf of Mexico reaching nearly 15 feet. Subsidence is the lowering of land surface which can contribute to flooding, infrastructure damage, and faulting. Extensive research in the region has shown that groundwater development, and the resulting depressurization of the Gulf Coast aquifer, is the primary cause of subsidence in the Houston Region. The HGSD was created in 1975 with the purpose to cease and prevent subsidence within Harris and Galveston Counties by regulating the use of groundwater.

Groundwater regulation set forth by HGSD has resulted in increased aquifer water-levels and slowing or cessation of subsidence in areas closest to the Gulf of Mexico where water users have completed the transition from using groundwater to using However, the western most regulatory area is still progressing towards conversion to alternative sources of water and consequently subsidence continues to occur.

Scope of Work:

The scope of work for the Public Relations and Communications Services RFQ may include, but not be limited to, the following scope of service categories:

                A. Communication Strategy Development

a. Develop a comprehensive Communications Strategy to support the HGSD’s overall communication objectives within Harris and Galveston Counties, as well as with adjacent jurisdictions.

b. Deliverables: draft and final communications strategy

                B. 2023 Regulatory Plan Communication Plan Development and Implementation

                                a. Develop Communication and Outreach Plan to support the 2023 Regulatory Plan Update, including governmental relations, stakeholder engagement as well as supporting public meetings and board meetings.

                                b. Implement communications plan by developing presentations, outreach materials well as attending meetings and giving presentations as required

                                c. Deliverables: draft and final communications and outreach plan, draft and final presentations and meeting notes (as appropriate)

                C. Implementation of Communication Strategy through On-Call Support.

                                a. Develop communication strategies

                                                i. Assist with stakeholder identification

                                                ii. Provide meeting facilitation services

                                                iii. Draft press releases

                                                iv. Conduct public outreach activities

                                b. Support branding and outreach promotional programs

                                                i. Create marketing and outreach materials

                                                ii. Prepare templates for use in District communications

                                                iii. Develop presentations for a wide range of audiences

                                                iv. Assist with social media strategies

                                                v. Provide website development and on-going maintenance

                                                vi. Deliverables: to be determined as on-call tasks are assigned

All final documents and materials developed as part of the project shall be provided to the HGSD in native digital file format along with supporting information as appropriate.

Due Date:

May 6th, 2019.



Relevant agencies include Small Girls PR and Kite Hill PR.

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