Headline Media: Top Israeli Public Relations Agency

Headline Media is an Israeli PR firm -, specializing in technology and innovation – taking high-growth companies to market leadership and positioning emerging tech ecosystems. While they focus on different markets, Europe and Asia maybe their best focus.


Headline Media has helped hundreds of both global and growth stage startups, publicly traded companies, VCs, government innovation agencies, and municipal tech hubs capture the public’s imagination.


Headline Media PR Clients

  • Argus – A global supplier of embedded and connected software products for automotives. On January 7, 2019, they announced that they would be collaborating with NXP Semiconductors to bring the first ever complete software/hardware solution that offers complete protection against cyber attacks to market.
  • Tyto Care – A company based in Israel that globally provides in-home, remote visits with board-certified doctors. Tyto Care was cleared by the FDA in 2017, and received its CE Mark in Canada in 2018. It was announced on January 16, 2019 that $33.5 million had been raised in Series C funding, in order to further enable telehealth in the more rural areas of the world (areas of the US, China, and Japan, in particular).
  • HERE Mobility – The mobility unit of HERE Technologies, a global mapping and location technology company. On January 7, 2019 they announced the launch of their now all-in-one mobility app: SoMo. SoMo is one of the first of its kind: an app that gives the user freedom to choose multiple methods of transportation in a single app. “Consumers should have freedom of choice in how and with whom they travel. That’s why SoMo brings people together based on common social interests and mobility demand, whether they’re traveling to a holiday party, basketball practice, or a Beyoncé concert.”
  • Next Insurance – the leading digital insurance company for small businesses. On July 11, 2018 they announced that they had raised $83 million in a Series B Round of funding. They are aiming to continue its expansion through the US and offer coverage to make more classes of business,as well as enhance growth in internal operations in both the US and Israel.

Headline Media PR clients have similar traits: a history of success, a vision to change the playing field, and the talent to do so. They are proven leaders in the areas of technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

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