Health Promotion & Prevention Services in Reedsport, Oregon LANE COUNTY HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES

Quotation Submission Deadline: Noon, 4/4/2023

Project Scope/Funding/Term/Deadline:

Solicited Services: Trillium Community Health Plan (TCHP) invests in Lane County Public Health (LCPH) to implement and oversee primary prevention and health promotion programs and services for members in its Trillium South coverage area, which includes Lane County and parts of Douglas County. 

This investment is based the number of Oregon Health Plan members covered, per month. LCPH has earmarked funds specifically for the community of Coastal Douglas County (Reedsport). These funds are intended to support health promotion and prevention strategies that are in alignment with the 2022-24 Lane County Community Advisory Council Health Promotion and Prevention Plan, which was developed under the guidance of the 2021-2025 Lane County Community Health Improvement Plan. These current preventions strategies include:

• Tobacco use prevention and cessation

• School-based health promotion, including healthy environments, physical activity, and


• Mental health promotion, particularly for school-age youth or families with young children

• Sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention

Applicants are encouraged to demonstrate a link/overlap between Prevention Plan strategies and to the Douglas County Community Health Improvement Plan (click here for an example).

Agencies should be able to measure community-level impacts and collect data demonstrating the value of these funds. Projects, programs, or services should not be clinical in nature, and instead focus on improving the overall health of the community and/or environment. 

Preference may be given to projects that will serve historically underserved populations, including Asian/Asian-American, Black/African-American, Latinx/Hispanic, Native American or Indigenous communities, people with disabilities, elderly populations, low-income families, or other marginalized groups.

While the coordinating agency does not need to be located in Reedsport , the services provided using these funds must be used to serve these communities specifically.

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