US Hispanics, One of the Fastest Growing Social Media User Groups

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Social media marketers and PR specialists should keep a close eye n the US Hispanic community, one of the fastest growing user groups on social sites. Joe Kutchera, author of Latino Link: Building Brands Online with Hispanic Communities and Content has recently told Huffington Post that efficiently targeting Hispanic customers means marketers need to target them on social platforms as they over-index for using social media.

“Many research companies and marketers say that social media is often the gateway to Hispanics and the media,” Kutchera said. “Therefore, marketers need to address what content on their websites is helpful to their Hispanic consumers.”

Kutchera’s findings are supported by the Center for Hispanic Leadership Founder and former executive Glenn Llopis:

“Hispanics and Latinos are the fastest growing users of the Internet. By 2014, they will have a purchasing power of $1.3 trillion,” Llopis said.  “I believe this entrepreneurial spirit that can allow us to become more influential on social media, but it must be done respectfully to not hurt the community and our youth.”

International Trainer and Consultant Anita Ferguson, in her statement to Huffington post, also agreed with Kutchera’s statement:

“It is really nothing, but opportunities that lie ahead. It is the communities of color that really have the larger group of young people, and it is those younger people that are coming up with innovations like social marketing and social media that will drive businesses and communication for the future.”

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