Hitler Used Carl Byoir & Associates An American PR Firm

ronn torossian on ny observer today

– Hitler Used Carl Byoir & Associates, An American PR Firm: Everything PR Exclusive Book Excerpt –

Ronn Torossian of 5WPR in The Observer today wrote an article entitled “Hitler’s Nazi Germany Used an American PR Agency which describes a new book by Larry Roth, entitled “The Nazi Account”. 1st time author Roth worked in public relations for thirty years, and recently won the third place Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award for 2014. Roth’s book reveals that Carl Byoir & Associates worked for Nazi Germany commencing in 1933.

As follows is an exclusive book excerpt from The Nazi Account:

Harry took a deep breath.

“This,” said Harry, very slowly and deliberately, “has the potential to be an unmitigated disaster. Am I the only one here that watches Movietone news clips at the theatre? Am I the only one that has read Hitler’s speeches? Am I the only one in this room…?”

Carlton waved his arm dismissively.

“There may be some that will have moral issues with this account. Let me just say this. I would never put any of you in a position where you would feel the least bit uncomfortable serving a client. Anyone who wants out of this, well now is the time to let me know.”

There was no response.

“My position is this. Lawyers know that every client they represent deserves their day in court. I believe the same holds true for our clients
who are being wrongly perceived by the eyes of the world.” “The issue here is whether or not our client is getting a fair shake in America. They believe they have not and it really doesn’t matter what you or I believe. They have the money to right this perceived wrong. I say God bless them and God bless our country where we have the freedom to employ a client of our own choosing.”

There was enthusiastic applause from the two Eileens first, then two of the three junior account executives and finally the rest of the room. Carlton waited for the applause to die down. “Germany’s government was good enough to supply us with some brochures of their best vacation spots, a history of the country and an autobiography written by the new Chancellor.

Logan noted that Carlton seemed to have a tough time uttering the name of Adolf Hitler.

I expect you all to be familiar with this book by the end of the week.” Carlton looked over at his accountant who was trying to attract attention by making cartoon noises in the form of a dry cough. “Oh for Christ sakes Eugene not you.” he said. “You don’t have to read anything. You just count all the money that comes in.” There was more applause and a smattering of laughter filled the room again.

“One more thing. I have heard this account being referred to as the Nazi Account from some of my senior people. Anyone using that phrase will be fired immediately. Anything and I mean anything regarding this account is not to be discussed outside of this office. All activity on this account is to be kept under lock and key. Nothing must leak out to anyone. I can’t stress this enough.”

The book may be purchased at: http://www.amazon.com/The-Nazi-Account-Larry-Roth/dp/150022359X

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