HootSuite Adds New #SocialApps to Its Social Media Management System

HootSuite recently added a set of Premium Apps to its Social Media Management System, to simplify workflows for sales executives, social marketing analysts, and digital communication professionals. The new #SocialApps include Salesforce.com, Statigram, and an enhanced version of YouTube.

hootsuite power apps


Salesforce.com #SocialApp integration provides HootSuite customers with the means to turn prospects found on social channels into Leads in their Salesforce CRM. This streamlines social lead generation and expands corporate communication channels to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Customer support teams will also benefit with the ability to create Cases directly from social messages in the HootSuite dashboard.


Statigram is a social media marketing platform for Instagram, offering marketers an efficient way to promote, engage, manage and analyze their Instagram campaigns.

Enhanced YouTube app

The enhanced version of the YouTube app integration includes all the video producing, monitoring and sharing features needed by content producers, marketers and community managers. HootSuite customers can now editi videos directly from the HootSuite dash, viewing and monitoring 13 different YouTube feeds, improved search and filtering capabilities, and a host of other new features including detailed user and channel views, large format video viewing and more.

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