HootSuite Server Overload and the Bad PR Day

Hootsuite maintenanceWhen you are dependent on a tool, doesn’t your world get hectic without it? HootSuite is a fabulous little helper, one even more appreciated when scheduled maintenance (or any other kind) takes it down, along with the delusion of your power. Why oh why?

One thing about any profession, the more engaged in it you are, the more dependent you become on certain things. The team, the calendar, your watch or other timekeeping device, the dad blasted iPhone, “smartness” surrounds you like a cushion, even the mighty must have their crutches, don’t you know? My HootSuite (not yours, who cares about yours) is currently under repair (or the knife for all I know). All I know is, following one of the owl helpers over to Twitter is of no help.

“HootSuite’s tube cleaning continues. Fixing issues as fast as possible folks. Please keep checking @HootSuite_Help for updates.”

Nine minutes before a big client meeting, in need of account status and key Tweeted and shouted and posted and “pluses” and…. and you get the picture. Now it is eight minutes until and I am forced to login, cross my fingers, or explain how “it’s the owls’ fault!” Woe with me. Server overload? Isn’t that like the gas station running out of gas? Woe with me.

Hootsuite down for the count?

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