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New York has a lot of options for businesses looking at PR firms attracting the public’s attention with professional marketing skills. Some are large corporate-oriented firms, and some are small boutique firms with a specific niche.

Here’s a short list of some boutique NY firms:

HL Group

HL Group

HL Group was started in 2001 by Hamilton South and Lynn Tesoro, specializing in the business, fashion, and media industry. Teamwork is part of the process, and HL Group gets to the core of a company’s brand and then sells that brand worldwide. The firm is owned by MDC Partners, a larger worldwide media communications team with connections around the world.

Some of the most recognizable and successful campaigns have come out of HL Group. First, the recognizable website Expedia, for whom, HL Group currently serves as PR agency AOR. The team at HL works closely with the executives at Expedia providing strategic communication and highlight Expedia’s air, hotel, car, activity and loyalty offerings.

Another area of expertise is HL Group’s work in the fashion industry. They have worked with the brand Athleta, for fashionable athletic clothing, and helped put on Athleta’s first New York Fashion Week show. They also work with designers Charlotte Tilbury and Marchesa, putting on shows and securing magazine slots in Vogue, Glamour, and E! News.

DCI Group

DCI Group

DCI Group was founded in 1996 as a grassroots firm. They have since grown is an independent public affairs consulting firm specializing in public relations, crisis management, grassroots engagement, and digital advocacy. DCI’s reputation includes primarily working with a political network in the public affairs industry.

DCI receives many awards and recognition for their work on campaigns. In 2013, Bloomberg recognized them for their public affairs success for Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) $16 billion debit-card lobbying battle. In 2012, PRSA awarded them for their “Mayors for the Freedom to Marry” Press Conference Launch.

DCI has over 1,000 employees working in 30 countries. Their main office in Washington, DC but their Park Avenue NY office is right in the heart of the city.

Zaria PR

Zaria PR

Zaria PR, a smaller boutique PR company, was founded by Danielle Zaria Praport in 2011. The firm specializes in food PR and works with branding, media relations, and strategic planning. Bringing over a decade of experience, Zaria’s work creates fresh buzz for companies expanding in the competitive NYC food industry.

Some clients working with Zaria PR include Aroma Espresso Bar with 4 NYC locations; Bread’s Bakery, one of NYC’s fastest growing bakeries since its inception in 2013; and Butterfish, voted “One of the 15 Hottest Restaurants” by Eater Magazine.

Zaria works closely with clients, securing spots in numerous magazines around the city including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Time Out Post. Many of their client’s restaurants have been featured in articles and on the cover of top-tier periodicals. With firm connections and an a specific niche, Zaria is one of the fastest growing new PR Firms in the food industry.


Spark PR

Spark PR was founded in 1999 by Donna (Sokolsky) Burke and Chris Hempel where they built on their experience at Netscape and the introduction of millions of people to the internet. In line with their Silicon Valley origins, Spark’s applications in NYC are numerous, as they sit at the top of the line for media startups requiring PR.

The success of companies working with Spark intertwines with the Internet’s history. Some early successes include Tellme (acquired by Microsoft), VA Linux (one of the most successful IPO’s in history) and The Barksdale Group (a venture capital fund started by former Netscape CEO, Jim Barksdale).

Spark’s focus for branding incorporates an influential way for companies to advertise on the internet. First, they promote advertising using a narrative. Then they generate content using creative campaigns relating to the client’s target market. In the competitive field of mobile apps and technological innovation, Spark sits squarely at the forefront of PR for that industry.

Hotwire PR


Hotwire was founded in 2000 and specializes in Technological PR. Hotwire’s expertise is found more in behind the scenes work with IT and Tech companies. Their focus on security, cloud access management, data centers, and internet performance solutions.

A part of their PR model stresses the importance of financial PR and allows Hotwire to work alongside businesses and banks while reaching for big money ideas. Their ability to navigate in multiple spheres of business allows them to generate consumer interest and brand awareness with realistic financial goals.

An important sector of  Hotwire’s behind the scenes PR model promotes the use of clean and green energy to fuel the industry. Clean and green moved to the center of international talks in the media becoming a priority for any business wanting to succeed and grow in this economy.

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