Housing and Community Services Agency of Lane County Issues Marketing RFP

Housing and Community Services Agency of Lane County Issues Marketing RFP

The Housing and Community Services Agency of Lane County (HACSA) is seeking proposals from qualified consulting firms to provide continuous Public Relations, Media Services, Resident Relations and Governmental Relations services. HACSA (formerly the Lane County Housing Authority) was created in 1949 by the Lane County Board of Commissioners. HACSA is the second largest housing authority in Oregon, offering a variety of affordable housing options to individuals and families in Lane County.

HACSA programs serve more than 5,000 low-income households every year. The Agency administers the Section 8 program that serves over 3,250 households and owns more than 1,500 affordable housing units, including multifamily complexes and public housing units. Sharing HACSA’s success, organizational, employee and the people served through programs is a key component of the 2016-2018 Strategic Plan. Developing a HACSA brand is also part of the strategy over the next couple of years.

Scope of Work

  1. Public Relations and Media Services
    HACSA is seeking assistance with projecting a positive image and maintaining harmonious relations with the general public and residents, educating the community and HACSA residents on federal housing legislation and HUD programs and assisting in the publication of reports, as well as helping establish HACSA’s brand.

    • Will require assistance with developing a comprehensive communications strategy
    • Will require advice on sensitive topics, communication tools, press releases and managing media relations
    • May require assistance with positive stories on HACSA events, resident accomplishments and staff activities
    • May require assistance with arranging and coordinating media or advocacy events
    • Will require planning for rebranding and renaming of HACSA
    • Will require assistance in developing advertising for broadcast and print media including informational broadcast
    • Will require identification of types of roles staff and Board members may seek as appropriate for enhanced interaction within the community, and help with messages for staff and board members
    • May require assistance with developing and maintaining business relationships with minority owned businesses and women only enterprises.
  1. Resident Relations
    HACSA desires that a positive image be projected to residents and may require coordination of seminars, meetings and resident organizational activities informing residents of reasons behind HACSA’s decisions and limitations of HACSA by federal guidelines. Communication of modernization updates including redevelopment activities, educational and self-sufficiency training opportunities, drug prevention programs, addition of amenities in units, and the reason and fairness of HACSA positions, etc. Advice and assistance to resident organizations and HACSA staff.
  1. Community and Governmental Relations
    HACSA may require assistance with continuance of established harmonious relations with other local, state and federal agencies and development of programs of mutual interest with other agencies.

Proposal due by November 10th, 2016 to:


177 Day Island Rd

Eugene OR  97401

Ela Kubok ekubok@hacsa.us

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