Creating An Influencer Marketing Strategy

How Do You Create An Influencer Marketing Strategy?
How Do You Create An Influencer Marketing Strategy?

When a brand chooses to invest in influencer marketing, they should know going in how they plan to employ that influencer as well as how they plan to measure the outcome of the campaigns. But those are just the broad strokes. A successful influencer marketing campaign will include multiple different complementary strategies and logistical factors that work together to achieve predetermined goals.

Clear compensation: Influencers work best when they understand going in how they will be compensated for their work. Whether the brand choose to make the influencer an affiliate, they offer them direct pay, or they compensate the influencer with goods or services, it’s vital that every influencer marketing strategy contain clear and mutually understood compensation.

Social media placement: Social media mentions (posts, comments, shares, etc.) are a vital aspect of every influencer marketing strategy. Brands should work with influencers to express their expectations with regard to type, style, and frequency of content. They may also consider offering the influencer specific resources or necessary tools in order to maximize the effectiveness of the social posts.

Unique perks for their tribe: Brands are smart to offer the influencer discount codes, freebies, or other products and services they can then distribute to their most dedicated fans. Not only is this useful for fan recruitment, it also allows the influencer to widen their network while increasing the depth and frequency of fan engagement.

Cooperative content creation: One of the best ways to involve an influencer directly in a brand’s marketing, while still keeping third-party separation, is to create a cooperative campaign where the influencer works directly with the brand’s marketers to create content that can then be shared across all social platforms. Cross-pollinating in this way allows the influencer to be a bridge to the brand and gives the brand powerful third-party affirmation.

Scripted content: There will be times where certain brands want to use an influencer, but they also want to be sure to dictate and protect their message. To accomplish both, the brand can develop content, then distribute it through influencers. This might read like a commercial, but, properly handled, can feel authentic to consumers and fans.

Shareable content: One of the best ways for a brand to take advantage of an influencer’s power to motivate fans to act is to give those fans messages of their own to spread. This effectively exponentially increases the reach of the message. And, because it’s coming from an influencer they like and trust, consumers are more likely to enthusiastically share the message.

Brands should consider all of these factors and make them a part of their next influencer marketing strategy.

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