How Gary Kaplan Built a Legacy in Uganda

Water 4 Africa is Solving The African Water Crisis One Community at a Time

Water is essential to the survival of every human being. Millions of people around the world lack access to fresh water and sanitation. In some countries, people spend hours searching for water that they need to complete daily tasks. With no time left over for citizens to participate in social activities, many countries fall behind in regards to their social growth. They also have a low health percentage. That’s why Water 4 Africa was created to help people in need to receive access to clean water and a better life. Water 4 Africa strives to be a symbol of faith and hope.

Troubling Water Facts

Research has shown that many of the World’s diseases are caused by poor water and sanitation. Young children are impacted the most by a lack of access to clean water. Unsanitary water contains bacteria and pathogens. People who drink unsanitary water risk catching a potentially fatal disease. Most of the unsanitary water is located in underdeveloped countries. Most of the bacteria contained in the water are invisible, which makes it hard for people to detect it. Unsanitary water causes social, educational, and economic issues. Whenever a group of people gets sick, that negatively impacts the productivity of a community. The effects may include lost wages and educational opportunities.

Damage To Africa

A lack of clean water is a large part of the hunger issues in Africa. Water is essential to growing and preparing food. Sometimes, the lack of water is due to poor water management. However, Water 4 Africa is committed to solving the issues related to physical scarcity and economic scarcity.

Water 4 Africa is aware that Africa is dealing with issues concerning climate change, politics, and education. Water 4 Africa believes that education is the key to ending poverty. Students who lack access to clean water suffer. They deal with stomach pains and diarrhea from disease and hunger. Many students are too sick to attend class, which hinders their academic performance.

How Water 4 Africa Plans To Take Action

Fix Broken Wells

Africa has multiple wells that are in poor condition due to a lack of maintenance. Water 4 Africa plans to fix the broken wells so that more families will have access to clean water.


In many parts of Africa, there is clean water underneath the surface. However, many nations in Africa do not have the resources to drill a well. Water 4 Africa seeks to drill new wells, while also implementing new technology to help purify the water.


Many countries recycle their wastewater in order to become self-sufficient. However, recycling wastewater is only beneficial in areas where the infrastructure is in good shape. Waste 4 Water would like to open up the possibility of recycling wastewater on the continent. Water 4 Africa also promotes agriculture. Agriculture is a practice that is used all over the World. Thousands of gallons of water are mishandled every day due to poor irrigation practices. Water 4 Africa believes that improving irrigation can help Africa improve its supply and demand. Water 4 Africa also strives to make water prices more affordable for everyone on the continent.

Desalination Plants

Water 4 Africa believes that solar-powered desalination plants can be a huge asset. Desalination plants are eco-friendly and accessible to everyone. Water 4 Africa is dedicated to taking the initiative in regard to this innovative technology.

Water 4 Africa Founder Gary Kaplan

gary Kaplan

Gary Kaplan says that he was called to action after traveling to Zambia and interacting with hundreds of frail children and adults. Kaplan witnessed thousands of people standing in line to get water out of a tiny hole in the ground. Kaplan says that many of the containers that people were using to fill with water were also dirty. That’s when Kaplan knew that he had to do something. Kaplan says that one of his greatest joys is knowing that he is helping others and making a difference. 

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