How to Prepare Content for Women’s History Month

This March is Women’s History Month 2023 – an opportunity for brands to express a commitment to gender equality. Companies can create content to honor the contributions of women from all domains, while promoting the brand. The month offers a chance for brands to show solidarity with women and pledge support for gender equity.


Women have made an invaluable contribution to all fields of society, including science, politics, and art. Companies should celebrate these achievements by researching and featuring inspiring women.  Features can focus on women who have shaped the industry or community. 

Social media campaigns

The occasion offers brands a chance to leverage social media for engaging campaigns. Posts should celebrate women and their accomplishments, share inspirational stories or women’s history month quotes, and use relevant hashtags for broader reach.

Advertising Campaigns

Companies can celebrate Women’s History Month in creative ways through advertisements. Promotional materials can feature women’s history month colors – purple, white, and green – plus themes that support women. Brands can also use this to showcase challenges faced by women throughout history and their accomplishments. This shows commitment to celebrating women while also promoting the brand and its values. 


Brands can amplify the message by partnering with women-led organizations to show support for gender equality. This can involve donating a part of the profits to supporting organizations. Companies may also collaborate on events and content creation, or by featuring these organizations on social media channels or company websites. Partnerships enable the amplified reach of each message and show a company’s commitment to such causes.


Companies can use Women’s History Month 2023 to celebrate female leaders by highlighting achievements, sharing career paths and leadership styles on websites and social media channels. Stories can also detail how these women have overcome obstacles to succeed. 


Women in the workplace still experience unique challenges such as pay inequality, discrimination and limited leadership roles. Companies can create resources and content to support these women – career development advice, networking opportunities and mentorship programs. 

Diversity and inclusion

Women’s History Month encourages celebration of women’s achievements while promoting inclusivity and diversity. Companies can create content to emphasize the value of a diverse workforce, featuring stats and testimonies about the benefits of such diversity. 


Companies can celebrate Women’s History Month 2023 and promote the brand by hosting events and webinars. Such events could include panel discussions featuring women leaders, or networking opportunities for women in the field. Webinars on topics related to gender equality and diversity in the workplace are also encouraged. 


Finally, brands can use this month to showcase women-owned businesses and the success of female entrepreneurs. Stories can be shared that highlight impacts and run interviews with businesswomen thriving in male-dominated industries. This supports and promotes female entrepreneurship.

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