How to Write the Epic (Pukka) Press Release

Never mind that pukka means, literally, cooked. In this case it has a figurative translation. Read: fully formed, genuine, or very good.

The pukka press release is a rare animal – endangered id you will. In theory, it has epic headlines, fresh news angles, quality quotes, all wrapped with an irresistible, commercially aligned message. It is not the press release by Ogilvy where Pandas were primates that made us wonder “WTF?”, but the Pup-Peroni press release, with Reuters exclusive, and national broadcast coverage on MSNBC.

The pukka press release is that special content that makes jurnos happy in the morning, that inspires them to cover a story, despite its clear commercial purpose. And if you want to learn how to cook it up, see the comic strip below, made from scratch by chef Richard Glynn (or is that Gordon Ramsay?), the UK PR Guy committed to send all wannabe PRs to detox…

The Pukka Press Release

Pukka Press Release comic strip by Richard Glynn, used with permission.

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