Hudson River Line Seeks Mobile Marketing Firm

The Greenway Heritage Conservancy HRV, Inc. DBA the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area (HRVNHA) seeks the expertise of a NY PR firm to develop and execute a marketing campaign to promote a soon to be released mobile app showcasing the Hudson River Valley to Amtrak and Metro-North train riders between New York City and Albany, NY.


Consultant will create and execute a marketing plan to promote a smartphone app for Hudson River Line train service between New York City and Albany-Rensselaer from April through September 2018, the end of the 2018 tourism season in the Hudson Valley. The smartphone app is currently being built by OnCell, of Pittsford, NY, and will connect riders on Amtrak and Metro- North Hudson River trains to the region’s history and resources right outside their windows, including the parks, trails, historic sites, cultural destinations and historic downtowns within the HRVNHA. Project will build on a printed booklet produced by the HRVNHA called “Windows on History” and other previously developed materials and narratives.

Hudson River Valley Greenway

The Hudson River Valley Greenway is a unique state-sponsored program established by the Greenway Act of 1991 to encourage communities to develop projects and initiatives related to the criteria of natural and cultural resource protection, regional and local planning, economic development, public access to the Hudson River (as well as other regional and local resources), and heritage and environmental education. It provides technical assistance and small grants for planning, water trail and land-based trails and other projects that reinforce the Greenway Criteria. The Greenway manages the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area.

Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area The Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area program was established by Congress in 1996 and is funded through the National Park Service and Department of the Interior. The mission of the HRVNHA is to recognize, preserve, protect and interpret the nationally significant historic, cultural and natural resources of the Hudson River Valley for the benefit of the Nation. The Hudson River Valley Greenway is the management entity for the HRVNHA. Funding for this project is provided, in part, by funds allocated by the National Park Service.

Project Area

The area includes the Hudson River Valley between Penn Station/Grand Central Terminal and Albany/Rensselaer. Multimedia advertising should include a wide area beyond the Hudson Valley, including New England and the mid-Atlantic states.


Metropolitan Transportation Authority/Metro-North, Amtrak, Empire State Development (I Love NY), Hudson River Valley Greenway/National Heritage Area, Hudson Valley Tourism, National Park Service, Scenic Hudson, various county tourism promotion agencies, and local historic sites and museums.

Scope of Work:

The marketing campaign should include (but is not limited to) the following:

  • A robust social media blast (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Radio ads
  • Posters in Amtrak and Metro-North stations and trains, and mailing inserts to Metro-North monthly ticket holders
  • Design should mirror the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area and National Park Service design elements
  • Report the results the campaign including detailed information on results such as the demographic and geographical reach of campaign, as well as the number of persons reached.

Due Date:

January 18, 2018


625 Broadway, 4th Floor

Albany, NY 12207

Strong NY PR Firms include 5WPR which was founded by Ronn Torossian and DKC PR.

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