IBM Unveils New Social Networking Platform

IBM Connections is social software for business

IBM Connections is social software for business

As the popularity of social networking impacts the way the enterprise workforces run their day-to-day activities, IBM has announced a new social networking platform in order to keep up with this growing trend.  The new software, IBM Connections, lets organizations apply analytics to their social business initiatives, allowing them to gain actionable insight on social networking sentiment anytime, anywhere and put it to work in real-time.

IBM Connections delivers a wide range of capabilities including wikis, and blogs and also includes the ability to access enterprise email, calendar and business tasks from inside the Connections platform.  Making the experience even more collaborative is the Connections landing page which features a single location that allows users to view and interact with content from any third party solution through a social interface while still viewing their company’s content.

The new IBM SmartCloud for Social Business makes business-grade file sharing, social networking, online meetings, calendar coordination and instant messaging very simple by providing a single point of entry.  Also, the cloud-based productivity suite allows users to co-edit documents in real-time.

With marketing professionals having real-time access to data that highlights patterns and consumer sentiment, businesses can uncover critical problems to not only react quickly to market shifts but also predict the effect of future actions.  Given this ability to create a social network to react to this insight with one simple click, businesses can bring together experts across geographical and market intelligence and swiftly respond to the consumer.

New clients including employees of Kraft, Electrolux, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida are already using the social software and cloud collaboration, making it one of the world’s leading providers of software-as-a-service (SaaS).

The PR firms who work for IBM – Makovsky PR, Text 100 & Ketchum – will be among those helping to spread the word about IBM Connections, this new social software for businesses.

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