Ideas for fashion influencer marketing

There are many fashion brands that excel in influencer marketing. Fashion influencer marketing helps to form a connection with the target audience in ways that commercials on TV and in magazines cannot. Influencers are like people that we know and can relate to and that is why fashion brands can leverage influencer marketing to promote their products. Influencer campaigns have replaced magazine spreads and have become the main marketing tactic for many fashion brands.

Benefits of fashion influencer marketing

For fashion customers, sustainability has become a major factor that influences their choice of fashion brands. Customers look into the environmental impact of brands before making a purchase. Here, influencers can help to build trust with the audience, particularly Gen Z and the millennials. Influencers also help fashion brands to generate more revenue as customers are more willing to listen to people that they can trust. The sales funnel is also somewhat flattened as customers discover products as the direct result of  influencers. As a result of authentic content created by influencers, luxury brands have also become more approachable. Since followers of influencers are keenly interested in what influencers like, they willingly buy products that they have never tried before. Given below are ideas that will help fashion brands to leverage influencer marketing.


Hashtags help to increase brand awareness. Hashtags should not be limited to using the name of brands. They can be used with relevant captions to amplify a brand. For instance, a brand can use the hashtag #streetfashionstyle for a new range of edgy clothes. Trending hashtags that are relevant to the fashion industry can also be used.

Use influencer content in email marketing

Some fashion brands use influencer content in their email marketing campaigns. In the emails, influencers can share their opinions and tell stories in their own words. The influencer also gets a new avenue to reach customers and this leads to a mutually beneficial program. When influencers give their inputs, it can lead to original campaigns. For instance, DWS uses creative design elements in the influencer content of their emails. Influencers should also be credited with their social handles in the mails. 

Use influencer content on landing pages

A website represents a fashion brand. For this reason, a brand has to be careful about its design and visuals. Customers these days demand authenticity and influencer content make websites more authentic and reliable. Influencer content can be a part of product unboxing or tutorials as customers want to see how products work for real people. For instance, Reef is a shoe and apparel brand that uses influencer content on its product pages. It helps customers to get a feel of how real people style their designs. ‘Style assist pages’ can also be used that would help customers with ideas on how to define their personal styles.

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