Improved Tourism and Economy Through Marketing By Development Counsellors International

dci dev counsellors

Founded in 1960, Development Counsellors International is a marketing agency with offices in New York, Denver, Los Angeles, and Toronto. The agency works on economic development and tourism marketing with creative campaigns that can attract more business, visitors, and talent to any destination.

The agency partners with destinations around the country to increase visitor arrivals and augment daily spending. Development Counsellors International is able to do this by getting support from key influencers in the digital sphere, and in media – individuals that are able to build a demand for a destination and then convert that demand into actual travelers.

Providing services such as business events sales, consumer, travel trade, and museum marketing, destination branding and strategy, digital and social media marketing, tourism research, virtual events, and public relations, the agency is able to tailor the approach for every destination.

With the business events sales service, client destinations can connect with buyers located around the country, which leads to an increase in business events such as conventions, corporate meetings, congresses, association events, and other travel incentives. The service provides clients with sales solicitation, and results, site visits, trade shows, and special events to deliver powerful results.

The consumer marketing service can create and manage consumer activations and promotions for various travel destinations in a 360-degree approach. Travel trade marketing is for clients that are looking for opportunities to market destinations with promotional launches, strategies, and campaigns that can enhance product distribution between wholesalers and tour operators, facilitate marketing partnerships, and more.

Destination branding and strategy can help clients in understanding a community’s unique value proposition and create branding and strategy that goes beyond a traditional marketing plan. Digital and social media marketing is for clients looking to get help in developing competitive digital strategies, creating social media or paid search strategies that increase awareness.

The tourism research services are for clients looking for customized studies and insights that can guide a destination’s marketing strategy, with research such as perception studies, destination brand audits, lead qualification reports, product gap analysis, and more. With Development Counsellors International’s digital events, clients can virtually meet with journalists, tour operators, and planners in virtual career fairs, conferences, networking events, media tours, trade shows, trainings, round table events, all done through a screen.

Finally, the public relations services that Development Counsellors International provides clients with customized story angles that are pitched to relevant media outlets, and paired with media tours and press trips to generate additional editorial coverage.

Other than that, Development Counsellors International has economic development marketing and lead generation services with tailored approaches for each client aimed at improving a community’s image, creating investment opportunities, and increasing project inquiries. The agency works on understanding the target audience, the market’s key skilled professionals and influencers, and the overall site selection process and creates an attention-grabbing campaign that gets positive results.

Plenty of clients’ locations have greatly benefited from the vast array of services that Development Counsellors International provides, including Barbados, Barcelona, California, Florida, North Lake Tahoe, Site Selectors Guild, and others.

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