Inclusive advertising

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To avoid appearing desensitised , common human values, irrespective of age, gender and ethnicity should be amplified in marketing. It is a strategy which guarantees that products and services will be used by more people. It expands the customer base and also helps in creating a positive brand identity. A brand that incorporates diversity becomes associated with sensitivity, insight and quality.

1) Audience research- Collective cultural intelligence in a business will be enhanced if adequate research is done on the customer base it wishes to serve. This entails developing a degree of intimacy with  potential customers by taking their perspectives and plights into account. More demographic information is needed to create more insightful customer segmentation. A good idea would be to include more diverse respondents in research.

2)Inclusion and diversity are not the same – Diversity is related to the components of a workforce. Inclusion is related to how that is achieved. These two terms cannot be lumped together. Inclusion is more about how people feel. Diversity is a celebration of differences; differences in background , gender, ethnicity, or even in the ways people think.It is about doing away with a single dominant culture.

3) Diversity as a business core value-  Embedding diversity and inclusion as  a brand’s core values will only lead to success. According to research, brands with diversity as a core component not only help drive innovation but also increase market share. A Google-based study has shown that 69% of Black consumers will purchase a brand that will express their racial identity positively.

4) Align marketing messages to inclusion- If people can relate to a marketing message, it is more likely that they will respond. Consumers need to feel supported by products they buy or services they subscribe to. American Express’ ‘I am’ campaign showcases a variety of people from different backgrounds within the LGBTQ+ community. Being relevant and relatable to underrepresented people helps form a meaningful connection with a broader consumer audience.

5)Inclusive keyword library- For better engagement with a brand’s consumer audience, marketers should include keywords that are more human-centric. This will lead to more opportunities to connect with people. Walmart and the U.S. Navy use CD&I which is the acronym for Culture, Diversity and Inclusion to express their overall diversity initiatives.

6) Remove bias- If there is no bias in marketing, it will promote trustworthiness in the business. Quite a few brands have started taking a stand against racism. For example TikTok in partnership with Macro, has launched a program, ‘TikTok for Black Creatives’. Their intention is to ‘invest in the development, amplification and opportunity for emerging Black creators and music artists.’ Rihanna with her Fenty Beauty has developed a makeup brand for every color, shade and tan. This has made trailblazing changes to the beauty landscape.

7) Events- Diversity-themed events are helpful in promoting a positive brand image. June is celebrated as Pride Month. In 2020, Kiehl’s hosted an Instagram Live dance party with LGBTQ+ ambassadors. This was part of a partnership with The Trevor Project. Throughout June, there were also digital discussions with LGBTQ+ representatives.

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