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Infinite Spada

When it comes to agencies specializing in legal PR, Infinite Spada is a market leader, with offices in multiple international locations. This is a firm that Everything-PR highly recommends.

The agency works with some of the world’s best law firms, and for good reason. They specialized in working with law firms beginning twenty years ago, and provide a proven, hands-on approach. The company’s combination of local experience and dedicated expertise formed Infinite Spada into one of the best specialty agencies in its field.

Along with law firms, the agency also works with legal associations, consultants, professional bodies, barristers’ chambers, and even law schools.

Jamie Diaferia left Gavin Ingham Brooke right

Jamie Diaferia pictured on the left along with Gavin Ingham Brooke on the right

How Infinite met Spada

Gavin Ingham Brooke founded the Spada agency in 1994 on Harley Street, London. During the next two years, the agency grew both its staff and practice. By 1997, Spada had made a name for itself in the legal market with several international law firms as clients.

Across the pond in 2001, Jamie Diaferia founded Infinite Public Relations in New York City. A former lawyer and journalist, Jamie owned a publishing company, Mercury American Publishing Company Inc., before he graduated. He left Mercury a year after graduation and went on to work as a Senior Relations Specialist at Levick Communications, until 2001.

Just one year after Jamie founded Infinite, the company took on one of its biggest cases, representing victims of the 2002 Enron scandal. The agency’s successful handling of this high-profile campaign put Infinite on the map. So much so that, by 2004, Infinite outgrew its New York borders and expanded into San Francisco earning a number of “AmLaw 200” firms as clients.

Ten years later, the two PR firms merged to create Infinite Spada, with offices in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Raleigh, Denver and London. It was a match made in PR heaven.

“The US legal sector is increasingly looking to the rest of the world to fuel expansion and growth, and we must be where our clients want and need us to be. London is a natural place to start, where the number of AmLaw 100 firms has doubled in the past 20 years,” said Mr. Diaferia.

The merger between Infinite and Spada created one agency with more than 45 staffers on board. Together, Infinite Spada brings in an impressive $7 million in revenue from law firms, as well as clients in real estate and property, non-profits, pensions and asset management, construction, business expansion, and corporate. As law also branches into similar areas, this ensures the agency gains hands-on experience in the fields their clients specialize, adding more value to the work they do for clients

PR Awards b2b

Awards and Recognition

During the past two decades, Infinite Spada earned awards and recognition from a variety of sources.

These include:

  •         Best Public Relations Firm from 2013-2015 from the National Law Journal
  •         Top PR Firm for 2008-2009, and 2011-2013 from The Recorder
  •         Best of the Best Victor Ludorum Prize for 2009 from Property Marketing Awards
  •         Marketing Service Provider of 2006 from the Legal Marketing Association
  •         Innercity100 Award in 2002 as “one of London’s fastest growing companies.”

They can add to their many accolades that Everything-PR thinks they are the best PR law firm.

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