Why Influencer Outreach is Important

Influence marketing

Partnerships, associations and pursued marketing collaboration enable brands to build a solid community that could benefit them in terms of referrals, lead generation and traffic acquisition for their own websites. Without partnerships, it is impossible for a brand to increase its outreach capacity and become more humanized for its target audience.

These partnerships or what we call, marketing collaboration includes influencer outreach. Influencer outreach is one of the trending topics on the web given that it enables brands (small or enterprise-level) to earn their desired attention from their target audiences.

By partnering with an industry influencer, it becomes easy for the brand to earn the trust from his audience simply because a recommendation/referral from an influencer adds credibility to the brand.

Aside from trust and attention, there are other three benefits that an influencer outreach can provide to a certain brand. Here are those three.

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Amplification of Brand’s Assets

One retweet on Twitter from an influencer could give a lot of traction to a certain webpage or content. When the influencer tweeted an article/page, thousands of followers saw it. And if they find the same article useful for them, they will share it also to their followers. This scenario allows a content piece to become viral in a span of 30 minutes and helps the brand to reach a wider audience.

Aside from content, stories can also be amplified to audiences that are primarily targeted by the brand. If the story is unique, compelling and share-worthy, influencers will not hesitate to share it to their followers. And when stories are seen by PR agencies and marketing firms, chances are the brand will receive email pitches asking for permission to share the brand’s story on top news sites.

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Traffic Acquisition

If the brand owns a website, its main objective is to earn traffic from different web sources whether it is referral, search or social. This traffic can convert into potential customers and later become brand evangelists.

In increasing blog traffic, influencer outreach should be considered. The good thing with this type of outreach is that the traffic acquired from the time the influencer shares one piece of the brand is targeted. It means that the visitors who will come to the website is the primary audience that the brand is targeting.

The more influencers you can build relationships with, the likelihood of bringing more traffic to your site is higher.

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Lead Generation

If you’re offering a product or service on your website, then there are two advertising campaigns that you would consider – organic/non-paid or paid. Both would require time and effort to see results from your campaigns (e.g. increase in your monthly leads/sales).

The good thing with organic advertising is that you don’t need a lot of money to start off your campaign. What you need is a good strategy from planning to execution. In influencer outreach, the first initiative is to create a list of industry influencers that are easy to reach out and are interested to see, test and even promote your product/service with or without a cost.

When you’re done with the list, you can now send email pitches to your influencers. Make sure that your email copies are straightforward, personalized and if possible, can incentivize them to secure higher responses.

Influencer outreach is not a complex online marketing strategy. It only requires diligence, creativity and hardwork to see increases in traffic, leads and sales in your business.

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