Innovative Public Relations Companies From Around the World

2015-11-19 by EPR Staff

innovative PR firms

In public relations, branding and positioning are as important to the firm as it is to their clients. Many PR firms find innovative ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. This means claiming their share in a field where new start-ups offer as big of a threat as the veterans. These three firms focus on harnessing their PR skills to position themselves for growth:

Atrevia 6

Atrevia 6

Atrevia established initially as Inforpress over 25 years ago by Nuria Vilanova with the company’s primary goal to help its clients transform their relations with the media. The firm achieved this by training its clients to communicate with media representatives.

In 1999, the firm opened their first international office in Lisbon, Portugal. A decade later, they launched an expansion campaign to enter Latin American markets. The firm began with Brazil and then soon afterwards ventured into Colombia and Peru. In 2014, they celebrated their 25th anniversary by launching a campaign rebranding itself as Atrevia. Today, Atrevia boasts 300 employees in over 18 offices and 11 countries. They also ranked number one in Spain as a Global Communications Company.

Atrevia offers a full-packaged suite of services in the communications sector. These services cover a wide area of expertise ranging from creative design to training and health. This makes the firm a one-stop shop for clients needing expertise in all areas of communications.

We are Social


We are Social

Robin Grant and Nathan McDonald founded We are Social in the midst of America’s economic turmoil of 2008. In spite of this, the company grew to become the world’s largest specialist in social media management. The firm’s informal approach to media management creates a friendly face. This translates to their recruitment of employees and attracting clients. Some media specialists criticize the firm’s strategies, but the proof is in the pudding.

The company acquires A-list clientele like Heineken, Banana Republic, and Georgio Armani. It also boasts a growth from 2 employees in the U.S. to 500 worldwide. Global revenues grew exponentially and grossed $49 million this year. That is 26% higher than 2014.

Other firms in public relations broaden the scope of services they offer. We are Social specifically brands itself as a social media agency and caters to that niche. This allowed the firm to differentiate itself from its competitors. It also gives the opportunity to focus on what it does best.

Oliver Schrott Kommunikation

Oliver Schrott Kommunikation (OSK)

In 1993, Oliver Schrott officially established Oliver Schrott Kommunikation. However, the company has been informally active since 1991 as a team under the leadership of Schrott. In fact, by 1992, though it was not yet an agency, the team landed their first full-service client.

Today, the company is Germany’s fourth largest public relations firm. Even so, it refers to itself as one of the least known PR firms in the region. This is due to two main reasons. The firm concerns itself more with branding the clients than itself. Additionally, more than half of the firm’s projects are outside of Germany.

OSK sets itself apart from the competition by acknowledging and acting on a simple fact. Thousands of ads bombard customers every day. So, the firm sings a different tune attracting the masses. It does this by specializing only in fields they’ve gained experience and skill. This selective strategy scores them an enviable portfolio of clientele. Their clients include Mercedes-Benz, Maybach, Intel, Honda, CISCO and FedEx.