Innovative Public Relations at March Communications

Boston-based technology PR agency March Communications specializes in storytelling for innovative B2B and consumer technology companies. March Communications has partnered with a wide range of tech companies since their founding in 2005, including National Grid Ventures and KRI. With a rich tech background and award-winning capabilities, March Communications provides unrivaled technology PR services to their clients.

About March Communications

March Communications has been lauded for their insights-first approach to public relations. This means that their expertise in artificial intelligence, security, healthcare, and fintech was founded on data and research to drive business value. They have two offices, a base in Boston’s North End neighborhood and an additional office in Atlanta, GA.

Martin Jones, CEO of March Communications, has been conceptualizing and executing communications campaigns throughout Europe and the United States for over 20 years. His team of PR professionals all share a desire to partner with innovative brands who have an unshakable drive to achieve their goals.

March Communications’ Public Relations Capabilities

March Communications offers their clients a variety of programs, including but not limited to brand strategy, creative services, and digital marketing plans across all key platforms.

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is all about creating a voice for brands and consistently developing it across all platforms. For March Communications, this looks like creative brand campaigns, executing narrative creation, and storytelling workshops.

Creative Services

Every tech company relies on creative services to visually represent their brands. March Communications offers video production and animation, web design, infographics, and branding to create a unique visual experience for visitors to their clients’ sites.


March’s innovation center, Zoom, offers programs for bold tech businesses who are thought leaders in their industry. Zoom hones in on the most effective digital activations to achieve recognition for their clients without wasting any budget or energy. 

Featured on the March Communications Blog

Their blog, titled “Hacks & Flacks”, features posts and podcasts with a common goal — to shape and share the stories of innovation. View some of the top blog features below.

Virtual Content Strategy

It’s becoming increasingly essential to be a master of virtual content and media. From Zoom meetings to virtual happy hours, the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing tech professionals to rethink in-person events. This blog post focuses on how to host virtual events that still give companies a way to connect with their audiences, build relationships, and increase engagement.

Read the full blog post here.

Podcast — PR and Media During the Coronavirus

Like all industries, the coronavirus pandemic has greatly impacted tech media. In this podcast, tech media expert Sam Whitmore discusses the specific effects and lasting influence the coronavirus will have on the industry and what PR professionals should prepare for when engaging with reporters in the future. March’s Vice President Kelly O’Brien talks about which brands are rising to the occasion in these unprecedented times.

Listen to the full podcast here.

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