Here’s Scientific Proof that You Are Addicted to Social Networks

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If you are diagnosed with Internet addiction (and social media addiction is synonymous for that matter) you can now join a voluntary, 10-day in-patient treatment program supposed to cure your brain – not that I believe in miracles, but it doesn’t hurt to try, especially if you believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the like.

Please note that you are more likely to develop Internet and social media addiction if you are an intelligent biped. In other words, if you are dumb as a brick, you don’t need to worry. The real question is, if you are dumb, would you know it?

If you are anything like these people I am working for, you don’t have a life. Your chair is the perfect mold of your butt, you look for social media lessons in Breaking Bad, you vote on memes, you go crazy for cat pictures, you drink more coffee than you can handle, and you cannot live without at least 4 social media accounts on at least the most important networks.

You juggle and handle them, you check them every other minute, you count your success in reach, likes, retweets and pluses. Nothing else matters to you. Sorry to say, but if you exhibit these symptoms and you are highly intelligent, you should really, I mean really, seek help.

You are missing out on great pastures, warm sunny days, breathtaking skies before the storm, real cats in real life, flowers, hugs, bees and butterflies, the joy of smelling a rose, the taste of dew in the morning. You are missing out big time.

The Bradford Regional Medical Center in Pennsylvania will open the first hospital-based Internet addiction treatment center in the US, all the proof you needed that you are, in fact addicted to this medium.

And of course, everyone in PR, whether Hunter PR or PMK*BNC has a mobile phone addiction.

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