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Ryanair Showing Off Low Cost PR Vs Portugal Officials

Portugal Parliament

International, inter-governmental and business communications especially, are so important for the economies of the EU and worldwide to emerge from recession. A recent apparent mis-communication in between low cost air carrier Ryanair, and the Turismo de Portugal would seem a perfect example of barriers to business.

“Fiddle-dee-dee!” On Mobile’s Tasteless Display of Reporter Affection

Vivien Leigh

It doesn’t take much these days to make a story it seems, At least this is true for those willing to consume their bait fish hook-line-and-sinker, just because you’re a potential mayor or Business Insider. Speaking of Business Insider, Deputy Editor Julie Zeveloff was flown off to misty Mobile the other day just so a would-be mayor could emboss a political campaign – oh, but ostensibly too, to polish the tarnish off the great southern city’s name!

Seussville Hands Out PR Cupcakes

Theodor Seuss Geisel

My hero is, and always shall be the indefinable Dr. Seus. There, I admitted it. The venerable “smarty cat” turns 107 on Wednesday, if you can believe it. Seussville has already announced a plethora of activities aimed at celebrating our multi-colored, and faceted friend too. My only question is; “When are my fans going to create Sheepville? Okay, I cannot help but be jealous.